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Mondays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 16 January 2012

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28-year-old Tokita Shuntaro, a self-proclaimed “free man” who is in fact a part-timer, stays at a hotel during the day with a married woman, Mika. Several hours later, the two of them emerge from a room and quietly go their separate ways. Then, Shuntaro is tapped on the shoulder, and when he looks back, a man is holding out a scarf saying that Mika had dropped it. Some days later, as Shuntaro is talking to Mika on his mobile phone, he enters a famous watch store. As he looks at the watches, he catches sight of the man that had held out the scarf to him. At that moment, Mika, who is on the other end of the line tells Shuntaro not to call her anymore. She says her husband suspects her of having an affair and hired an investigator because photographs were taken of their tryst at the hotel. Hearing that, Shuntaro chases the man out of the store and grabs him by the collar. “You’re the investigator?” he shouts. And then he lifts his arm to strike, but the man doges and runs away. The man enters the office of Kitashinagawa Lucky Detective Agency, panting from exertion. He is the investigator Nitta Teru. His fellow investigators Asahi Junpei and Mizuno Asuka who have been keeping watch on Shuntaro and Mika, Tsukushi Masayoshi of general affairs and and Kayano Mei the clerk are also present. Just as Tsukushi is about to start a meeting, Asuka points to Nitta’s back. He turns to find Shuntaro standing there. Shuntaro declares that he cannot tolerate them taking photographs and the investigators sputter with outrage. Amidst the chaos in the office, Fujisaki Toko comes out from her room. She scrutinises Shuntaro, and eventually asks if he would like to work for the agency. Shuntaro has suddenly been “scouted” … …!

Matsumoto Jun as Tokita Shuntaro
He has an outgoing personality no matter who the other person is or what the situation maybe, and he tends to instinctively do as he pleases. He is not bound by society’s rules and ethics, but gets fired up by his own notion of justice. Shuntaro’s life is changed when he finds himself shadowed by an investigator on his way back from an assignation with a married woman. He tails the investigator and arrives at Kitashinagawa Lucky Detective Agency where he meets its strange members and very beautiful boss, Fujisaki Toko. He ends up working at the agency after he is offered a job by Toko and becomes rivals with Nitta Teru, who is the same age but his senior at the agency.

Eita as Nitta Teru
An investigator with Kitashinagawa Lucky Detective Agency, he possesses the combination of skills required to carry out his trade. Because he is well attuned to lies and deceptions, he will always read words, and calmly observe people when he talks to them. That may be the reason why he comes across distant. On the other hand, he is also accomplished at martial arts. He always wears deep blue parachute pants, and clashes with Tokita Shuntaro in one way or another.

Naka Riisa as Mizuno Asuka
An investigator with Kitashinagawa Lucky Detective Agency. She has a candid personality and superb reflexes. Her good instincts for winning and pluck are her weapons. This courage in the face of danger is something that makes men recoil. She is also good at disguises and frequently teams up with Tokita Shuntaro or the other males to go out an investigate while pretending to be a couple. She has mastered the art of self defence so that she can protect herself when necessary. Her friends from her university days have started to make plans for marriage, but there is no one she can learn to love, let alone a boyfriend. She lives with her dog, Daijiro.

Oizumi Yo as Asahi Junpei
The chief of Kitashinagawa Lucky Detective Agency and person with the longest experience of being an investigator. On the surface, he looks as if he kids around alot, but his sleuthing skills are the best among the agency’s investigators. He tends to get toyed by the other members, but that is because he is an approachable person loved by everyone. He can be counted on when it comes to the crunch and is acknowledged as a big brother figure. He has a love for people deep down and would like to get more involved with his clients in various cases, but because he has a strong sense of ethics, he will not go beyond the boundaries. While he thinks of Tokita Shuntaro as a troublesome chap for getting involved with clients, he ends up going along with him.

Matsushima Nanako as Fujisaki Toko
The boss of Kitashinagawa Lucky Detective Agency. A smart, strong-minded, gutsy woman who is unfazed even in adversity. All the members of the agency are afraid of her, yet admire her. She set up the agency 13 years ago when she was 25. Although she dresses stylishly in mannish suits, she is maternal in her way of thinking and gives Shuntaro and the rest pep talks. It is her savviness that pulls the individualistic characters in the agency together. But on the other hand, she has a secret that Shuntaro knows little of … …

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