TBS Drama Special 2012 ~ Hanayome


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 2 January 2012
Cast: Izumi Pinko, Sano Mizuki, Nakama Yukie, Kyono Kotomi, Kobayashi Ayako, Kawashima Umika, Kobayashi Nenji, Kishimoto Kayoko
Synopsis: The Katakuras live in the Tokyo neighbourhood of Nezu. Chiyo (Izumi Pinko), the wife of Kozo, the deceased head of the household, can finally breath easily after the end of the uneventful memorial service on the seventh anniversary of his death. Her eldest son, Ryoichi (Sano Mizuki), who lives separately from the family, proposes that they live under the same roof after vacating the house. But Chiyo has decided to be a live-in housekeeper. Ryoichi and his wife, Yukiko (Kyono Kotomi), oppose because they will be laughed at, but Chiyo pays no heed. Her eldest daughter Setsuko (Kobayashi Ayako) interrupts the exchange to tell them that Chiyo has had an offer of marriage. The person is Kurosaki Uichi (Kobayashi Nenji) who had been Kozo’s good friend. Kurosaki runs a small company and his wife died three years ago. He has no children but has enough life savings. Setsuko encourages her mother to go for it since she cannot ask for anything more. But Tomoe (Nakama Yukie), her second daughter, is vehemently opposed because she thinks their mother is pitiful. The siblings start quarreling. Meanwhile, Kurosaki tells his sister Namiko (Kishimoto Kayoko) that he has decided to remarry. He does not tell Namiko anything about Chiyo, so Namiko takes it upon herself to check things out and even barges into the Katakura residence. Just at that moment, Kurosaki’s company goes bankrupt … …
Website: www.tbs.co.jp/hanayome2012

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