Pandora III ~ Kakumei Zenya – Episode 3 Synopsis

Episode 3: The third day


Suzuki immediately treats Yuda, who collapsed midway through the press conference, but the man standing before him is not the Yuda he knows for Yuda would never be so audacious as to liken himself to God. Disturbed by this drastic personality change, Suzuki tries to examine Yuda again. However, Yuda declines with a somewhat backhanded logic that makes Suzuki get defensive. “I conducted the treatment after ascertaining its safety,” he retorts in response to the offensive suggestion that his treatment is a failure. In that case, there would not be a need for an examination, Yuda reasons. With a broad smile, he tells Suzuki that he will be working towards his ideals now that he has the desire to live.


Convincing himself that Yuda is well, Suzuki decides to return to Boston to continue his research despite Eriko’s protests. Her husband’s behaviour at the press conference fuels her worries because he had always been a honest and down-to-earth man who would not criticise another person. She is certain that something is wrong although she cannot put a finger to it. Although these same doubts gnaw at Suzuki, he dismisses it and tells her that it is a good thing that Yuda has become more positive. When she accuses him of trying to run away, he snorts derisively, “I have faith in my research. I gambled everything I had on this after losing you and my job!” and leaves for the airport. But Yuda’s condition continues to weigh on his mind and he ends up remaining in Japan.


At the Prime Minister’s official residence, Prime Minister Saegusa censures Yuda in the presence of the chiefs of staff of the three military branches of the Self Defence Forces for the uproar he caused. While Yuda apologises for going against the prime minister’s order, he bluntly states that he does not regret his actions. Then, he hands his resignation letter to Prime Minister Saegusa who refuses to accept it because the matter will not be resolved by Yuda’s departure. According to the chief of staff of the Maritime Self Defence Force, there is still no evidence to support the claim that the submarine was seized. Yuda’s mind races through the possibilities. Could it be a ruse or revolt by the submarine’s crew? Prime Minister Saegusa appoints him to head a task force to look into the disappearance of the Shinonome. After all a hero must do his part for his country, he adds with an edge of sarcasm.


Sakunosuke takes Kaburagi to task for disobeying him, pointing out that he had instructed him to wait for the right time. But Kaburagi says he cannot wait because there will not be a second chance. He believes excessive caution has made Japan what it is today. Sakunosuke has a different view.

“There are many in the world today
who say that there’ll be no success without taking a gamble.
But that’s nonsense
spoken by people who don’t understand business.
It’s only when you do something that’s a sure bet
that success will be yours.
I’ve never done any risky transaction before.”

Kaburagi interjects that theirs is neither a business nor a transaction, but an ideology. The die is cast and there is no turning back.


Meanwhile, Kanbayashi gets a lead in the investigation of his ex-wife’s murder. A newspaper caption on the press conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary yesterday quotes Yuda’s declaration of love for Japan. This jolts Kanbayashi’s memory for he had heard those same words from Shoko last night when he returned to Mebius with an English-speaking colleague. “I love Japan”, the last man who had been with Akari was overheard saying. Sensing some connection with Yuda, he visits Mebius again. But the lady tending the bar cannot describe the man’s features. All she remembers is that he was watching the press conference of some distinguished person intently on his mobile phone. That person is none other than Yuda.


At that moment, all 23 wards in Tokyo are hit by an emergency care system failure that results in ambulances pouring into hub hospitals. Suzuki comes upon a scene of utter confusion as he visits one of these hospitals to analyse Yuda’s blood. There is a growing sense among the police and government officials that the situation is escalating with each passing day. As Matsunaga watches the situation with Kaburagi, he wonders if Kaburagi is pricked by conscience. Kaburagi states matter-of-factly that sacrifice is necessary in everything. It is something Matsunaga can identify with, but he also points out that Kaburagi’s plan lacks one thing. A god.

“When the people are confronted by a dramatic change,
a charismatic leader is needed.”

Matsunaga has someone in mind. It is Yuki Kae, a homeless girl that he had met by chance whom he intends to style as a modern-day Joan of Arc. Kae, an unwanted child, had killed her mother’s boyfriend and left her home in Hokkaido to come to Tokyo.


On the other hand, Yuda, who has asked Yamazaki to check Kaburagi’s background, is informed that Kaburagi, a computer science major and Second Lieutenant of the Maritime Self Defence Force’s Staff Office, has taken leave of absence since June this year because of medical reasons. Yuda notices that the Shinonome is one of the submarines that Kaburagi had been aboard, and warning bells go off in his mind.

Suzuki calls his assistant, Shiga, to ask about the experiment they had conducted on a monkey in 2008. He learns that right after the chip was implanted, the monkey’s behaviour was completely different from before and this was not a result of physical impairment. In the end, the monkey challenged its leader and died in the fight. Shiga’s opinion is that if it had been a human, his personality would have undergone a sudden change. This news troubles Suzuki.


While Kanbayashi stakes out Yuda’s residence, Tachikawa approaches him, having recognised him as a detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division from another case. Kanbayashi tries to brush Tachikawa off by declaring that he is on duty, but it only makes Tachikawa curious to know what interest he has in the Chief Cabinet Secretary. Then, their attention is drawn to a car that emerges from the residence. Its driver is Yuda. What matter has occurred to require Yuda to personally drive out?

The two men adjourn to a diner where Tachikawa tries to pry answers from Kanbayashi. All Kanbayashi will disclose is that he is pursuing a murder investigation. He proposes an exchange appropriate to the information Tachikawa is able to provide him. Tachikawa talks about unwittingly working his way to Yuda as a result of a neuroscientist who is his interview subject, but Kanbayashi loses interest when he hears that the two men were former university schoolmates. Tachikawa thinks otherwise. Many people have commended Yuda for his actions but Tachikawa finds something odd. Japanese politicians are not able to enjoy continued popularity because the reality is that they will not be able to get anything done if they cannot make good use of the power base within the party. However, Yuda has managed to do it. Tachikawa believes that the answer might lie with Suzuki since he had met Yuda the day before the press conference.


The person Yuda has gone out to meet is Kaburagi, who requested to see him. Kaburagi had thought of Yuda as a weak man unable to oppose his father’s will until the press conference yesterday. However, Yuda’s willingness to put his political career on the line and expose the truth behind the Shinonome’s disappearance has made Kaburagi reassess him. He proposes that they join hands because he needs someone with the power to transform the government. When Yuda points out that he will not do his father’s bidding, Kaburagi informs him that he intends to part ways with Sakunosuke. This takes Yuda by surprise. Kaburagi elaborates that he and fellow proponents of a remilitarised Japan are not advocating a return to the militarism of World War II. They want Japan to be in the same league as modern nations like the US, South Korea and China which have their own military. Realising that their aim is to make the people aware of this, Yuda guesses that Kaburagi is Mebius. Kaburagi does not contradict him.

“Inciting social unrest,
forcing the suspension of talks on the environment,
isolating Japan,
and then extolling the necessity of an army.
If my guess is right,
you and your comrades are big criminals.”

Yuda has no proof, but he leaves Kaburagi with the warning that if they do not stop their foolish activities, he will deal with them.


Kaburagi visits Mebius after his meeting with Yuda. Shoko, who is tending the bar, introduces herself as Jennifer. The same Jennifer as President Jennifer Brown, the President of the United States who is scheduled to visit Japan, she elaborates when he asks. Kaburagi cannot resist pointing that the president would not visit a country that has had its submarine seized. Shoko gives a noncommittal reply just as the lady who usually tends the bar calls her over. “He’s that man. The last person whom Akari met,” she tells Shoko. Shoko’s attitude changes when she learns that and she sidles up to Kaburagi, innocently asking if he has a girlfriend. Kaburagi says he does not have one. “I love Japan more than women.”

At that same moment, Yuda reluctantly meets Suzuki at a deserted warehouse district. Without beating about the bush, Suzuki tells Yuda that he will not be God because there might be a problem with his treatment. He asks to examine Yuda again. But Yuda just smiles and says Suzuki does not need to worry because he feels fine. Suzuki refuses to let it go this time. He asserts that he has the responsibility as Yuda’s doctor to check his condition, and bows his head as he makes his request again. Although Yuda finds this out of character for Suzuki, he does not change his mind. Suzuki chases after him in his wheelchair just as a speeding truck appears and heads in their direction. Turning back to see Suzuki in its path, Yuda hurriedly pushes him away to safety, but is not able to react in time. The truck plows right into him and he loses consciousness.


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