ABC TV Drama Special 2011 ~ Kyogu


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From 9.00 p.m., 3 December 2011

ABC/TV Asahi

Takakura Yoko leads a happy life with her husband Masaki who is a Diet member, and 5-year-old son, Yuta. She has won the newcomer award in an illustrated book contest organised by a television network and a lavish party is held for the publication of her book. As Yoko reads her winning work ‘Aozora Ribbon’ on stage, her good friend, Aida Harumi, appears at the party. When she finishes her recitation, she gets off the stage and hugs Harumi. An elderly lady watches the two of them from a distance … … Things get disquieting around Yoko as a result of her win. Her mother-in-law and Goto Yoshitaka, the chairman of Masaki’s campaign committee, eagerly try to exhibit Yoko in order to rehabilitate the image of her husband who had been questioned by the police several months ago on suspicion of receiving illegal donations. However, Yoko is at a loss because the illustrated book ‘Aozora Ribbon’ is based on what Harumi had confided in her when they first met 17 years ago. She had only written it for Yuta and the children at an orphanage where she volunteers, but Goto had acted on his own and submitted it for the contest. Then one day, Yuta goes missing from his swimming club and a threat is faxed over to a frantic Yoko. “I have your son. If you want him returned safely, give the public the truth.” She is about to report this to the police, but since she does not know who the culprit is, Goto tells her it is better not to do so. Yoko seeks Harumi’s help but … …

Matsuyuki Yasuko/Tanimura Mitsuki as Takakura Yoko
An up-and-coming author of illustrated books. She was abandoned at an orphanage called ‘Jikoen’ not long after her birth, and adopted by the Satoda family. She was carefully nurtured in luxury, but learnt that she was an adopted child when she was in her first year in college. She became involved in volunteer activities at orphanages. This was where she met her good friend, Aida Harumi. She married Takakura Masaki when she was 25 and gave birth to their son, Yuta. She is a beautiful, gentle and kind woman.

Ryo/Ichikawa Yui as Aida Harumi
A reporter with Shinano Maichou Shimbun. She was accompanied by a sky blue ribbon and message from her mother that read “I’ll be watching you from above” when she was abandoned at an orphanage called ‘Fukuaien’ shortly after her birth. She lived in ‘Fukuaien’ until she finished high school. Then, she went on to university while working part-time to earn a living. After her graduation, she became a reporter. Although she is single, she has been having an affair with her boss, Miyashita. She is a tough, hardworking woman.

Sawamura Ikki as Takakura Masaki
The husband of Takakura Yoko. He took his late father’s former seat and become a Diet member, but was interrogated by police over allegations of illegal donations six months ago. He was aware that Yoko is an adopted child and does not know her biological parents, but he accepted her, and they got married. He is a kind, reliable husband to Yoko.

Shirakawa Yumi as Takakura Hiroko
Takakura Masaki’s mother. She dotes on her only son and is not pleased with her daughter-in-law, Yoko.

Tabata Tomoko as Goto Aki
The daughter of Goto Yoshitaka, the chairman of Takakura Masaki’s campaign committee, and the secretary of Takakura Masaki. Because she has adored him since young, she resents his wife, Yoko.

Kishibe Ittoku as Goto Yoshitaka
The chairman of Takakura Masaki’s campaign committe. He has been in this position since Masaki’s father’s days. The submission of ‘Aozora Ribbon’, which Yoko had written, for a contest was his own doing. In order to rehabilitate Masaki’s image after he was questioned by police on suspicion of accepting illegal donations, he plots to make active use of Yoko, who won the newcomer award in the contest.

Ishida Ayumi/Ashina Sei as Hashimoto Yayoi
A mysterious woman who frequently appears around Takakura Yoko. She belongs to the volunteer group ‘Donguri Club’ and conducts storytelling sessions.

Nagura Jun as Shimoda Toshiyuki
A victim in an incident 35 years ago.

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