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Fridays, 11.15 p.m. – 12.15 a.m. from 21 October 2011

TV Asahi

Sanada Minoru is a cameraman but has no work. His wife, Megumi has been running a cafe called ‘Hidamari’, but hardly any customers come. In spite of this, they have eight children. Their eldest son, Kazuo, a third-year high school student works his way through high school to support the family by delivering newspapers and part-timing at the petrol kiosk. Although the Sanada family will never be wealthy, they are happy and boisterous. Minoru says Kazuo has the “oldest child syndrome” because he considers it his duty as the eldest son to devote himself to the family even if it is at his own expense and always shoulders everything by himself. That is why he is frustrated all the time. Naturally, he is on bad terms with his happy-go-lucky father who is anything but depressed without work. It is difficult for the family finances to come only from Kazuo’s part-time work and he sometimes borrows money for their living expenses from his father’s younger brother, Hiroyuki. However, Hiroyuki’s company president has left a huge debt behind and run away. At his wits end, Kazuo cuts school and starts on a new part-time job. Meanwhile, Saigo, the youngest of the Sanada children, is being bothered by a strange voice that he can hear from the closet when night falls. One night, he opens the closet at the invitation of that voice, and is shocked by the appearance of a female ghost. She is Megumi, Minoru’s late wife and the mother of all the children except Saigo. And yet, Saigo is the only one who can see Megumi. There is something that she wishes to know, and he reluctantly helps her but … …

Kamiki Ryunosuke as Sanada Kazuo
The eldest son of the Sanada family. A third year high school student who has part-time jobs delivering newspapers and working at the petrol kiosk to support the family. He has a dour, warped personality. He believes that his role as the eldest son is to sacrifice himself and serve his family. He has conflicts with his free-spirited father because of that. He also has a strained relationship with his step-mother who obeys his father.

Mitsuura Yasuko as Sanada Megumi
The mother of the Sanada family. A cafe owner. She met Sanada Minoru through a magazine interview and married him. She suddenly became the mother of seven children, and also had a child called Saigo with Minoru. She is not a beauty, but she is homely and virtuous. She always takes a backseat to her husband and frequently clashes head on with Kazuo because of that.

Tanabe Seiichi as Sanada Minoru
The father of the Sanada family. An artistically inclined cameraman whose average monthly income is 90,000 yen. He had taken a vow after his late wife, Megumi, died that he would not photograph human beings anymore. However, he accidentally photograph Megumi and that is what led him to marry her.

Hirosue Ryoko as Megumi
Sanada Minoru’s late wife and the mother of seven of his children. A vengeful ghost. A former stripper “Victoria Ranko II”. She became acquainted with Sanada Minoru through the stage photographs he had taken of her. She was moved by looking at them and decided to retire in the belief that she would not be more beautiful than this. Although she is the same age as Minoru’s second wife, their personalities are just the opposite. She loves alcohol, possesses an uninhibited, stubborn, proud and jealous nature.

Hoshino Gen as Sanada Hiroyuki
Sanada Minoru’s younger brother. He works at ‘Mama Sunshine’, a baby products manufacturer. His company is saddled with debt. Furthermore, his company president took money and fled, leaving him behind. He appears to be merry but is the type who frets.

Kato Seijiro as Sanada Saigo
The Sanada family’s youngest child. A second grade elementary school student. The child born to Sanada Minoru and his second wife, Megumi. A shy boy, he is able to see ghosts but cannot tell his family members. He adores Kazuo.

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