Sengyoushufu Tantei ~ Watashi wa Shadow


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Fridays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 21 October 2011


Full-time housewife Asagi Serina fiercely loves her husband, Takefumi, a salaryman who works at a brokerage house. She has been criticised for being “a shadow walker who lives in the shadow of his husband” by her former schoolmates who are career women, but she states that she is happy to live for his sake. She wants to become his “shadow” and has no reservations about her purpose in life. However, Serina realises that unlike two years ago when they were newlyweds who were madly in love with each other, Takefumi no longer sees her in the same way. He shuns her expressions of love with the words, “oppressive” and “disgusting”. In addition, Takefumi has a worry. He is being forced into a romantic relationship with his beautiful, bewitching boss, Niiyama Chihaya. Chihaya is the exact opposite of Serina. She is good at her job and is a alluring woman. He is bothered that he cannot be completely chilly towards her. One day, Serina goes out to have a meal with her good friend, Tokura Motoko, and the male colleagues at her publishing company. On the way back, she is photographed by the detective Jinnai Haruki just as one of man makes a move on her, and blackmailed for money. But Serina cannot pay. Not wanting Takefumi to see the photograph(s), she shows up for work at Jinnai’s detective agency everyday and becomes his assistant. As Serina learns the tricks of the trade from Jinnai, a change comes over her and she regains her self-confidence. Furthermore, she is transformed into a mysteriously beautiful woman by Jinnai’s pal, the hairdresser Toshima Joji, but … …

Fukada Kyoko as Asagi Serina
She fell in love at first sight with her father’s former subordinate, Takefumi, and married him, but has recently been given the cold shoulder. She tries to overcome this with positive thinking everyday. However, one day, she sees something that leads her to suspect that Takefumi may be having an affair. Wishing to believe him in spite of this, she worries that he is being harassed by someone of power in his workplace. Then she becomes a detective, and fights to save her beloved husband.

Fujiki Naohito as Asagi Takefumi
Asagi Serina’s husband. An elite salaryman who works at the IR Division of Hibari Securities. He had been madly in love as a newlywed, but gradually feels smothered by Serina’s affections and has recently been giving her the cold shoulder. He rarely looks into her eyes when he talks to her and gets irritated about everything that she does. However, does he love her deep in his heart?

Kiritani Kenta as Jinnai Haruki
A private detective with a mysterious identity. He says whatever he wishes to say, and frequently angers people. However, those opinions often make sense. He instructs Asagi Serina on the fundamentals as a detective, and turns her from a gullible klutz to a capable woman. He watches out for her and always saves her in the nick of time. A man who recognises Serina’s “worth” in this world as a partner as well as a woman.

Furuta Arata as Toshima Joji
A hairdresser who has a salon in the same building where Jinnai Haruki has opened an office. Jinnai and him are longtime friends. Although his salon is rundown, he is actually one of the most gifted makeup assistants. However, he gets slipshod in his work when he is in low spirits because of his temperamental character … …

Ashina Sei as Tokura Motoko
Asagi Serina’s good friend since high school days. She works in the editorial department of a publishing company for female magazines. She listens to all of Serina’s worries and gives her sound advice, but secretly looks down on her a little … …!?

Ishida Yuriko as Niiyama Chihaya
The wife of Niiyama Akira, the managing director of Hibari Securities, and the head of the IR Division to which Asagi Takefumi belongs. A beautiful and intelligent woman who likes Takefumi. The truth is that she wants to be loved as a woman, but she feels that it is impossible because of each other’s positions. She starts to exert silent pressure under the guise of work.


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2 Responses to Sengyoushufu Tantei ~ Watashi wa Shadow

  1. junny says:

    Thank you for this post, jade! Other than the character-building that Serina has to go through, there’s a bit of a mystery going on with Takefumi as well, so I’m curious about that. Fukada is still rather cringe-worthy to watch, but everyone else has been pretty decent.

  2. aaarrrghhh.. i can feel that my Naohito is going to be BAD here..

    I hate him when he got Mean/Bad character , because it seem sooo real to me.. but still, i have to love him anyway..

    Damn he is a good actor after all.. 🙂

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