Doctors Season 1 ~ Saikyou no Meii


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Thursdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 27 October 2011

TV Asahi

Dogami General Hospital is suffering from a chronic deficit because its doctors take joy rides in imported luxury cars and think only of themselves, having lost sight of their original goal of saving patients. A surgeon comes to this hospital. His name is Sagara Kosuke. Sagara resigned from the university hospital where he had worked for 12 years, and is returning to work after taking a year off. He offers to take an exceptionally meagre salary and proclaims to Dogami Tamaki, the hospital’s director, to raise it after watching his performance. Even though she feels slightly uncomfortable at those words, she has no choice but to hire him. Tamaki’s nephew and successor, the surgeon Moriyama Suguru, does not like Sagara who had unceremoniously butted in during his surgery and issued instructions to him through a microphone. One night, two days after having a surgery, a patient suddenly complains of pain. However, the surgeon cannot be contacted at all. Sagara who happened to be there takes on the surgery … …

Sawamura Ikki as Sagara Kosuke
A talented surgeon who takes on a position at Dogami General Hospital after he was scouted by the hospital director, Dogami Tamaki. He loves sweets and is popular with patients because he is friendly and always has a smile on his face. The death of his beloved wife led him to become doctor who would stop at nothing for the sake of medical care. He is merciless and callous not just towards the doctors and nurses, but also to himself.

Takashima Masanobu as Moriyama Suguru
A top surgeon at Dogami General Hospital and nephew of the hospital director, Dogami Tamaki. An ambitious strategist, he is generally accepted to be the successor to his aunt. Although he is capable, he also has a jealous character. He spots Sagara Kosuke’s abilities as a surgeon at the outset, but is antagonistic towards him at every turn because their way of doing things are different.

Higa Manami as Miyabe Sachi
A registered nurse at Dogami General Hospital who has been working for nine years. Swamped by work everyday, she has forgotten her smile as well as her aspirations when she started working as a nurse without realising it. But she gets them back when she meets Sagara Kosuke.

Kurokawa Tomoka as Aihara Ami
A nurse who has no self-confidence and believes she is not cut out to be a nurse. Her movements are sluggish and she is always cracking under pressure and stress.

Ito Ran as Minagawa Kazue
A physician at Dogami General Hospital. She is a single mother and former emergency medical care doctor. Although she and the hospital director, Dogami Tamaki, are old friends, she is completely disappointed that the present hospital system is world’s apart from medical care system that she envisions.

Nogiwa Yoko as Dogami Tamaki
The director of Dogami General Hospital. Even though she is troubled by her hospital’s persistent deficit, she wishes that she can continue to keep it as it is now. She is initially mistrustful of her new hire, Sagara Kosuke who does things according to his whims, but eventually comes to understand him better.

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