Soredemo, Ikite Yuku – Episode 10 Synopsis

Episode 10: After the confrontation


Hiroki comes to the Toyama house and discovers that Futaba is no longer there. Recalling a comment she had made about Fumiya’s wish that she join him to go their late mother’s birthplace, Hiroki asks Shunsuke for the location of the hometown and takes a bullet train bound for Hiroshima. At that moment, Futaba is already in Inoshima trying to search for her brother by looking up the telephone directory at a public phone booth for her mother’s family residence. She finally notices the voice message from Hiroki, and retrieves it. But when she realises that the caller is Hiroki, she immediately hangs up before hearing what he had said.

Shunsuke starts living apart from Takami and Akari, and makes a trip to the fruit orchard to apologise to Kusama. However, Kusama, who is agonising over the life-support treatment consent form in front of him, does not wish to see Shunsuke.

Hiroki finds Futaba when he arrives in Inoshima. Seeking the return of the knife that she had taken out from his van, he tries to snatch her bag from her. “You couldn’t have done it,” Hiroki tells Futaba and she tosses those words back at him, pointing out that if she had, it would have nicely settled things within her family. They proceed to have an angry exchange of words which eventually lays bare their concern for each other. “It pains me more to have you become a murderer more than turning into one myself,” Futaba bursts out, echoing the same words Hiroki has said to her moments earlier. She lets him take the knife from her and put it in the pocket of his vest.


Futaba learns from Hiroki that her late mother’s name was Murakami Masami. She confesses that she had not known that at all. Discovering from a map that there are many Murakamis living on Inoshima, they set out to check on each household.

Fumiya has been searching for photographs at his late mother’s family home, turning it inside out. But nothing can be found.

“I had recurring dreams of killing dad, Futaba and my new mum.
I thought I’d killed everyone and I should die.
I brought the hammer with me to destroy the railing at Mikazuki Lake.
Then, Hiroki’s younger sister walked by.
She asked why Nello had been born if all was going to be sad?
I thought of my mum for help,
but I couldn’t recall her face.
I couldn’t remember.
When I came to my senses … Hiroki’s sister was floating in Mikazuki Lake.”


Unsettled by his bizarre behaviour, the relatives contact the police. Hiroki and Futaba overhear them explain to a patrol officer after Fumiya left the house that he had talked about going to a festival, and committing suicide.

Photographs of Takami and Akari are labelled as the assailant’s family members in a tabloid paper. Akari who had been ignorant of the incident 15 years ago, is devastated. Kyoko comes to visit mother and daughter at their apartment. She tells Takami to consider a future together even though their hatred for each other will not disappear.

“I don’t believe the day will come when I can forgive your family.
But when I saw this photograph in the morning,
I no longer had the same feelings as I did long ago.
It’s a strange feeling.
Probably the same feeling that Hiroki had when he met Futaba-chan.
We’re like the two of them.
Although we’re the families of the victim and assailant,
we’re on board the same ride and we cannot get off for the rest of our lives.
So we should put our heads together and think about our destination.”


But Takami cannot bring herself round to this, having lived to this day because of her hatred for Kyoko. To Takami, the anguish of her son being a murderer is no different from the anguish Kyoko has suffered for her daughter’s death. And yet Kyoko had people’s sympathy while people told Takami to go and die.

On the other hand, Kusama finally relents and sees Shunsuke. The harsh reality is thrust at Shunsuke when he is brought to the hospital room where Maki is warded. Kusama signs a form in front of Shunsuke to take Maki off life support in order to be able to leave something behind for his granddaughter. Shunsuke carelessly offers to compensate him in no matter what it takes, prompting an outburst from Kusama who asks him if this can be considered living.


Hiroki and Futaba head to an elementary school where a summer festival is taking place to search for Fumiya. Aware that her brother had implied suicide, Futaba thinks that it is best if he is able to die like this, so that Hiroki will not have to seek revenge and everyone can feel better. At that moment, Hiroki notices a hyuga natsu on the steps to the entrance of the swimming pool. When he rushes to the poolside, there is the shape of a person in the water. He immediately dives inside to save Fumiya who had tried to commit suicide by plunging into the pool after binding his arms and legs with duct tape. Futaba cries out for Fumiya as she hugs him, but she is pushed aside by Hiroki who performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and saves her brother’s life.

Hiroki and Futaba take Fumiya to a diner where Hiroki tells Fumiya about his thoughts.

“I’ll save you no matter how many times you try to kill yourself.
I won’t let you get away.
I’ve been searching for you all along,
been thinking of killing you for some time.
If she hadn’t stopped me at that time,
I’d probably have stabbed, killed you and be behind bars now.
Because I’d taken it as my destiny without feeling anything.
But that’s no longer the case.”


“I was stopped by her and got to know her.
I’ve probably changed.
We’re like entangled fishing lines that would like to be untangled one at a time.
We’re happier with what we don’t know.
What we know hurts us, suffocates us and yet we want to know.
I really not sure what I’d do if we can slowly be untangled.
But I no longer wish to kill you.
I had a family that was torn apart because Aki was murdered by my friend.
There are people who live in anguish, believing in your innocence.
All this depressing stuff makes us want to run away.
But if we run away, the grief remains.
If we die, if we kill,
the grief will grow.
If we don’t want that, we’ve to finish this sad story.”


Hiroki says he wishes to watch the rising sun with Fumiya rather than take revenge. However, his words do not get through to Fumiya. He bursts into laughter as he sees Fumiya nonchalantly eat away at the food that has been served.

After the meal, Hiroki and Futaba escort Fumiya to the police. When they reach the front of a police precinct, Fumiya walks toward the entrance to turn himself in. Something in Futaba seems to snap as she watches him. Running up to her brother, she kicks him in the back. This knocks him to the ground and she starts punching him. Hiroki runs up to Futaba and tries to restrain her but she shakes herself free from his grasp and hits Fumiya again and again as she cries out. Seeing this, police officers rush out of the precinct … …


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