Fuji TV Drama Special 2011 ~ Unfair ~ Double Meaning Nijuu Teigi

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 23 September 2011
Cast: Shinohara Ryoko, Sato Koichi, Kato Masaya, Kitano Kii, Yamamoto Koji, Abe Sadao, Terajima Susumu
Synopsis: Mochizuki Akira (Kitano Kii) has been assigned to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Special Investigations Team as the successor of Yukihara Natsumi (Shinohara Ryoko). She is asked by a high school girl to search for her missing father. Right after that, the team receives a phone call from a male caller who claims responsibility for kidnapping four men. The father of the high school girl is among the hostages, and the criminal leaves the cryptic demand, “Make a summer day at Tokyo Tower until 7.15 pm tonight … …” At that moment, Yamaji Tetsuo (Terajima Susumu) and Kokubo Yuji (Abe Sadao), the team’s director and deputy director, are being given a talk on the introduction of criminal profiling in investigations by Motosonobe Kyosuke (Yamamoto Koji), a researcher with the crime lab. Akira bursts into the meeting room to convey the criminal’s demand, but Kokubo laughs it off as a prank and Yamaji just gives an indifferent reply. Meanwhile, Mikami Kaoru (Kato Masaya), the coroner, receives a call about a sudden trip to Los Angeles from Yukihara, who should have been transferred to Hokkaido. Then he encounters Akira and hears the story from her. Mikami attempts to search for the true meaning of the criminal’s cryptic riddle. However, in the end, the designated time passes with them still unable to solve it. The next morning, a man’s dead body stuffed in a box with the sign ‘Punishment for ignoring me’ is discovered. Before long, the criminal makes a second demand to Akira through a phone call, “Make me the most famous in Tokyo”. Growing impatient with the investigation methods of Kokubo and Yamaji, Akira goes straight to a television station and attempts to address the case by offering her own life. Meanwhile, Yamaji notices that Akira’s arm has a burn that is like some seal. That is a scar related to her horrid past … …
Website: www.ktv.jp/unfair

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