NTV Drama Special 2011 ~ Aishiteru ~ Kizuna


Date: From 10.00 p.m., 21 September 2011
Cast: Inamori Izumi, Okada Masaki, Mukai Osamu, Mizukawa Asami, Ito Shiro, Tanaka Misako
Synopsis: It has been more than 20 years since Morita Satsuki’s (Inamori Izumi) son, Tomoya (Kakazu Issei), killed a second grade elementary school boy. Tomoya’s younger brother, Naoto (Okada Masaki), who was born after the incident, hates him and even puts a distance between himself and his mother. Tomoya and Naoto used to be on good terms. In fact, the young Naoto had admired his kind elder brother. However, when Naoto was 12, Tomoya (Mukai Osamu) suddenly left home without a word to him. Naoto, who knew nothing, was saddened. It was only during his second year in high school that he learnt through the internet about the crime that his brother had committed years earlier. This came as a big shock to Naoto, whose family had hidden the truth from him. He blamed his mother for keeping quiet about the incident and vented his anger. No matter how Satsuki told Naoto that the whole family loves him, he could not accept it and regretted being born. Naoto has spent his days alone since then. Then one day, he sees a drawing displayed in a studio he had accidentally entered, and his tears flow. The person who had drawn it is Suma Kana (Mizukawa Asami), the granddaughter of the studio’s owner, Suma Tetsuto (Ito Shiro). Feeling something towards Naoto, Suma asks him to work at the studio. Naoto, who starts working there, is saved by the cheerfulness of the Sumas and feels comforted. And he slowly begins to reach out to Kana. Before long, Naoto and Kana are united in marriage, but he tells her that he does not want to have children because he has a strong desire not to be saddled with children. However, Kana is pregnant. She wishes to give birth, but he tells her it is better if the child is not born. Thinking that he will hurt Kana if this goes on, Naoto decides to meet his older brother in order to severe everything … …
Website: www.ntv.co.jp/aishiteru-kizuna

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1 Response to NTV Drama Special 2011 ~ Aishiteru ~ Kizuna

  1. avanpiper says:

    Thanks for the information! Will be waiting for this, watched Aishiteru a while ago, though a bit draggy, I like the theme. I never thought a special will be made for it, so looking forward to this. With Mukai Osamu and Asami Mizukawa, I can’t miss this.

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