Soredemo, Ikite Yuku – Episode 9 Synopsis

Episode 9: Where is his heart?


While Hiroki is driving Futaba home in his van from Chiba prefecture where Fumiya has committed a new crime, a furious struggle is unfolding at ‘Fukami’. Kyoko is fighting with Fumiya, who has come to visit at Futaba’s request, in order to protect Yuka and her grandson. She strikes him hard in the head with a stool and he is knocked to the ground. “Why did it have to be Aki?” Kyoko throws a longheld question at him. It was because he happened to meet Aki on the street. It could have been anybody, he replies without any trace of remorse as he staggers to his feet and leaves the shop.

Hiroki hurriedly returns to ‘Fukami’ with Futaba because of Yuka’s phone call. His mother’s unexpected composure is a relief to him, and he sends Futaba home. Futaba wonders what Hiroki will say to her brother if they meet. Hiroki muses that Fumiya will probably not be able to have a conversation because like the anatomical model of the human body that is often found in science labs, Fumiya has a cavity in the place where his heart should be.


Meanwhile at Sodegaura Police Precinct, Shunsuke is informed that Fumiya will soon be placed on the wanted list. He implores the detective to arrest Fumiya. However, he never imagines that Fumiya would try to visit the house while he is away.

Takami and Akari are dealing with Fumiya at the Toyama household when Futaba comes back. Futaba goes from shock to anger when Fumiya casts a critical eye around the house and starts making abrasive remarks. “You’ve resented me all this time, haven’t you?” he says accusingly. Futaba hits him repeatedly as she bursts out that the family has been in pain because they cannot blame him. She tells him to kill her if she is at fault, tearfully pointing out that there is no way they can make amends once a person’s life is taken.

Her words are lost on Fumiya who feels sorry for himself. For the dead, it ends with death, but he has to live on. As he grabs a pair of scissors from the side table, Takami quickly pulls Futaba away from him.


Hiroki is about to make his way home when he receives a text message from Futaba that Fumiya is there. He immediately turns his van around and heads over to her house again. At that same moment, Shunsuke returns home. He urges Fumiya to turn himself in over dinner that night, promising to wait no matter how long it takes for him to come back so that they can try to mend their relationship. But Fumiya counters that his father is casting him off again. In truth, he is aware that Shunsuke had seen him in Tokyo three years ago yet turned a blind eye.

“You abandoned me because I was nuisance.
Because I’d be a hindrance.
That’s how you abandoned mum to her fate too.
Mum jumped off (the verandah) in front of Futaba and me.
She fell into the darkness of the night as she looked our way.
She died because she despaired of you and tired of us.”


Fumiya blames his mother’s death on a stunned Shunsuke, who believes his first wife had fallen off the veranda in an accident. In the next breath, Fumiya asks Futaba to leave with him, but she stays silent and shakes her head.

Hiroki arrives at the Toyama home just as Fumiya steps out of the house. The two of them notice each other as they come face to face for the first time in 15 years. They raise hands in greeting in a charged moment that is broken when Shunsuke emerges from the house in search of Fumiya. Fumiya takes advantage of the distraction to run away. Hiroki and Shunsuke chase after him, but Hiroki loses sight of Fumiya at a parking area for trucks. As he looks around, Fumiya suddenly attacks him from his hiding place in the shadows. It turns into a brawl. In the melee, Fumiya slams Hiroki’s head against a wall and he blacks out. Moments later, Shunsuke rushes over, but Fumiya has already fled the scene.


Hiroki returns to the Toyama household where Futaba tends to his wound. She offers to cook whatever he wishes to eat. There is nothing in particular that he wants, but when she persists, he tells her he would like a frozen orange if she can prepare it. So she says with a straight face that she can do it with one billionth of her ability. After all, she only needs to put it in the refrigerator. It should be the freezer, he corrects her and she gently chides him for asking for an ingredient. The mood sobers as he confesses his regret about not carrying the knife with him. Futaba is, on the contrary, thankful because she does not want him to become a murderer.

“I’m glad.
Oh, I don’t mean my brother.
It’s because I wouldn’t want you to kill a person.
I don’t think that suits you.
You’re better with a frozen orange rather than a knife.”


However, Hiroki cannot let his feelings go. He voices his concern that even if Fumiya is tried as an adult now, he may be acquitted because he is unable to assume responsibility for his actions, and be allowed to return to a normal life. Then, the same thing would happen again to someone else.

On the other hand, Shunsuke steels himself to live apart from Takami and his daughters. He has decided to bear the responsibility as the assailant’s family on his own shoulders. And so, the family moves out late at night. Futaba goes separate ways, telling her family that she would like to bid farewell to Hiroki.

When dawn comes, Futaba heads to the hospital where Maki has been admitted with the intention of mending Yuri’s ragged stuffed toy rabbit which she had caught sight of on a news programme. With Kusama’s permission, she mends the toy rabbit. Yuri confides to Futaba that she is worried because her mother has not eaten for close to a week. When Futaba assures her that Maki is on medication, Yuri wonders if the medicine tastes like the sauce used for the sweet soy sauce rice dumplings that her mother likes. Futaba tears up at those words. As she takes her leave, Kusama tells her that he has no inclination to accept her family’s apologies right now. In fact, he wishes to catch Fumiya by himself and kill him whenever he thinks about his daughter.


Futaba buys a map and rents a car. Her destination is Inoshima, the place that she believes Fumiya would go to. She stops by at ‘Fukami’ on her way there, does something without meeting Hiroki and drives off. Hiroki, who hears the sound of an approaching car, comes out of the shop to see an unfamiliar car speeding away from the lake. He goes to his van and finds a cooler box with a frozen orange inside. Realising that it was Futaba, he calls her but she does not pick up.

“About what I said the last time … …
The stuff about the human anatomical model. The heart.
I’ve thought about it since then.
I think the heart is something that one receives from his beloved.
I’ve received it from Aki.
From my dad. From my mum.
When a person likes someone, they can receive that person’s heart, can’t they?
That’s the heart, isn’t it?
Toyama-san, I’ve received yours too.
I have what you’ve given to me
So, I believe there’s something more important than revenge.
That’s what I’ve been thinking.
I’m coming over now.”


Hiroki leaves that voice message for Futaba and is about to head to her house when he realises that the knife which had been stored in the van’s dashboard is missing … …

At that same moment, Futaba is at the family restaurant that she had gone with Hiroki on their first meeting and smiles at the memory. While waiting for her meal, she asks for a pen and writes on a napkin:

I’m sorry.
I like you … …”

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    Thank you so much for this synopsis. Can’t wait to read the rest.

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