Fuji TV Drama Special 2011 ~ Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi

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From 9.00 p.m., 3 September 2011

Shinen no Mayoigo
Story: While Suzaki Saika (Ashida Mana) is hospitalised for poor health, her father, Tamotsu (Totsugi Shigeyuki) feels torn that he has to leave here and go on a business trip. A portrait of Saika’s late mother is placed beside her bed. Her mother had died in exchange for bringing her into this world. Tamotsu puts a paper with his mobile phone number written on it inside an amulet and hands it to Saika. He asks the nurse Tokunaga Maki (Minamisawa Nao) to keep an eye on Saika, and leaves for his trip. One night, a young girl calls out to a lonely Saika who cannot get to sleep. A long-haired girl in a wheelchair in the old wing befriends Saika and plays with her everyday. However, by the time Saika realises it, she has awaken from her sleep. Was that a dream? When she talks about the girl in the wheelchair, Maki’s expression freezes. What had happened at this hospital?
Cast: Ashida Mana, Minamisawa Nao, Totsugi Shigeyuki

Dosokai no Shirase
Story: Koyama Kyoka (Takei Emi), who has graduated from high school and failed the entrance exams for an arts college, attends a preparatory school. When Kyoka returns to the house where she lives alone, a voice message has been left on her home phone. It is about an elementary school class reunion. She arranges to meet her elementary school classmate, Kanbayashi Megumi (Okamoto Azusa), and heads to the venue in Megumi’s car. They enter the address in the car’s navigation system, and drive while absorbed in reminiscing about their school days. However, there is nothing that looks like their venue when they arrive at what is supposed to be their destination. They have instead reached a cemetry and no matter how many times they try to start over again, they keep returning to the same place. To begin with, the news of the class reunion was only through a phone message and there was no invitation card. Whose voice was that? As doubts well up, Megumi tries to listen to the voice message she had received again. The two of them are assailed by something that comes out of the blue!
Cast: Takei Emi, Okamoto Azusa

Akumu no Juusannichi
Story: After graduating from university, Takasaki Keita (Mukai Osamu) found work but he never stayed long and kept changing jobs. He is now in his fourth company, a warehouse company that even provides him an apartment. When he shifts to the apartment with the help of his girlfriend Kashiwada Harumi (Kimura Fumino), the room is filled with cobwebs. Furthermore, the long black hair that comes out from the drainage takes the two of them aback. After they have moved in, Harumi returns to work even though it is a Sunday. Keita is bothered that Harumi seems to be drifting away from him more than the room. However, that night, when Keita is sleeping, there is a creaking sound from the ceiling. He wonders if someone is doing something upstairs. The noise continues every night. Then, Keita hears from a senior in the company about the disappearance of the employee who had lived in the same room before him. However, he bears with it and stays on because he has nowhere to go to. His fatigue is clearly etched on his face. On the twelfth day after moving in, the creaking sound intensifies and on that day, Keita at last sees something that shocks him. A frightening past is hidden in the room … … Furthermore, the terror has only just begun.
Cast: Mukai Osamu, Kimura Fumino, Hankai Kazuaki

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