Soredemo, Ikite Yuku – Episode 8 Synopsis

Episode 8: Each person’s intentions


Kusama has brought Shunsuke, who wishes to meet Fumiya, back to the orchard, only to discover Maki lying unconscious in Fumiya’s room. Fumiya is missing … … Shunsuke calls an ambulance on behalf of a distraught Kusama. The ambulance leaves with Maki in the company of her father, just as Saho appears at the house. “That fellow has done it again!” she says, declaring that Fumiya was responsible for this to a stunned Shunsuke.

On the other hand, Hiroki and Kohei are headed to Kusama Farm when the incident occurs. Hiroki spots a figure that looks like Fumiya near the train station as they drive through the town. He suddenly stops the van, bolts out of the vehicle mid-way through a conversation with his brother and runs back to the spot where he had seen Fumiya. However, Fumiya is nowhere in sight. Hiroki brushes it off as mistaken identity and quickly hides the knife in his vest. He turns to walk back to the van, and in doing so, narrowly misses seeing Fumiya by a few seconds. When Hiroki and Kohei arrive at the orchard, they are greeted by the blare of an ambulance siren and immediately know that something untoward has happened. Together with Shunsuke, they head to the hospital where Maki is rushed to.


At ‘Fukami’, Kyoko and Futaba wait to hear from Hiroki and Kohei. Then, Futaba receives a call on her mobile phone. It is from Fumiya. She tells her brother that she wants to meet him, but he just says, “This happened because you said no (to Inoshima),” and hangs up. Futaba is in shock. Then, the phone in the shop rings. It is a call from Kohei to inform Kyoko about the incident at the orchard. Hearing this, Futaba leaves ‘Fukami’ and makes her way to Chiba. Meanwhile, Shunsuke calls Takami and urges her to prepare to leave home with Akari in consideration of the events 15 years ago.

Maki’s condition is critical. She has sustained extensive brain trauma and her chances of regaining conscious are low. Kusama breaks down at the news. Seeing him like this reminds all present of that fateful day 15 years ago and none of them can hide their pain. Hiroki tells Shunsuke, “My dad had said before he died that he would do it again. If we had found him earlier … …”


Would the days of being pursued, blamed, and forced to keep moving repeat itself again? At his wits end, Shunsuke, who had hoped to be reunited with his son, wanders along a busy road and onto oncoming traffic. Hiroki saves him. Snapped out of his daze, Shunsuke collapses by the roadside and cries as he wonders if he can atone for Fumiya’s deeds if he lives on. He has not been able to make up for it even after 15 years.


When Hiroki and Shunsuke return to the hospital, the police have arrived. Notified by the hospital staff that Maki’s case is of a criminal nature, investigators have already embarked on a search of the orchard. The expression on the face of the detective in charge changes when he hears Fumiya’s name from Kusama for he remembers the murder at Lake Mikazuki. Shunsuke steps forward and identifies himself as Fumiya’s father, and is asked to go to the police precinct with Kusama for voluntary questioning. Futaba arrives at the hospital entrance at that moment. Learning that Futaba is Shunsuke’s daughter, Kusama lets go of the emotions he had repressed and demands that Shunsuke return Maki to him.


Yuka and her son arrive at ‘Fukami’ while Kyoko is looking after the shop. Yuka lets a man whom she had met along the way into ‘Fukami’, referring to him as a customer. It is Fumiya. Although Kyoko immediately recognises him, she suppresses her inner turmoil and receives him. However, the moment she tries to conceal a cutter in the shop, Fumiya senses that his true identify has been exposed. He says that he has come to get Futaba. Kyoko confronts him about his culpability in the incident at the orchard and Aki’s death 15 years ago. They end up scuffling with each other as Kyoko makes Fumiya put his hand on her belly where she had carried Aki for the term of her pregnancy. Her only wish was for her child to grow up healthy, and so, she will not forgive him for killing Aki. But whatever Kyoko says does not seem to get through to Fumiya.


“I don’t know.
I don’t know.
I’ve forgotten.
I can’t remember. It’s an illness.
It’s that sort of illness.
There’s nothing I can do because it’s an illness … …
Aki-chan was pretty.
Aki-chan floating in Mikazuki Lake was pretty.
That’s all I remember clearly.
So don’t be so depressed, auntie.”

On the other hand, Hiroki and Futaba are hurrying to get home. Futaba thinks of dying because she feels smothered. When Hiroki tells her it is not fine with him, and confesses that he will die if she takes her life, she tries to point out the difference in their positions – they are the families of the victim and the victimiser. However, Hiroki has moved beyond seeing Futaba in that way, and in his agitation, he raises his voice at her.

“That no longer matters!
Don’t say things like ending your life!
To have you tell that to me … …
I … …
I’d forget everything if I can.
I’d abandon everything if I can.
I want to go somewhere far off that nobody knows.
A place where no one knows about us.
Where there’s just the two of us.”

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1 Response to Soredemo, Ikite Yuku – Episode 8 Synopsis

  1. Thanks so much for the recap. It’s the only thing that is keeping me sane as I patiently wait for subs.
    Wow Fumiya is fucking crazy! And omg the last scene…I love Futaba and Hiroki so much. They’re perfect. It’s unfortunate that they have to go through so much pain when they were not directly involved with the murder.
    One of the things that impresses me most about this drama is the acting.

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