Fuji TV Drama Specials 2011 – Crime & Women Mysteries

Hakon no Joken
Time: From 9.00 p.m., 26 August 2011
Cast: Inamori Izumi, Ishiguro Ken, Suzuki Sawa, Tsuda Kanji, Maruyama Atsushi, Nishio Mari, Nishinosono Tatsuhiro, Nomura Hironobu, Matsukata Hiroki
Synopsis: Satomi Masae (Inamori Izumi) works at a library. Although she had loved and married, Satomi Shinji (Tsuda Kanji), a freelance writer, she suddenly develops a disliking of him on their seventh year of marriage – a husband who even relentlessly meddles in the diary she keeps on a daily basis. Masae withdraws her savings, rents a small apartment behind her her husband’s back and keeps a diary which no one can read. Then, unable to restrain the revulsion she feels for her husband, she writes in her diary about borrowing a number of mystery novels to use as reference when plotting a murder. Masae does not truly intend to kill him, but she finds out that an apartment has been rented, and when the time to execute the crime according to plan comes, she goes to the apartment building, only to discover that Shinji has been murdered by someone. Furthermore, after Shinji’s death, she is notified by Nakanishi Mitsuhiko (Ishiguro Ken), a life insurance company employee, that Shinji happens to have a 100 million yen life insurance policy. While the two of them are quickly brought close together, Nakanishi’s ex-wife, Tamura Miyoko (Suzuki Sawa) learns of Shinji’s death too and plots to get in touch with Masae. Toyama Katsuya (Matsukata Hiroki) and Mizushima Atsushi (Maruyama Atsushi), the detectives who have been put in charge of Shinji’s murder case, realise as they continue their investigation that Masae is somehow lying. Masae has suddenly attained a large sum of money, a new love and the freedom she had hoped for, but … …
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Kenji Kasumi Yuko ~ Mukankeina Shi
Time: From 9.00 p.m., 2 September 2011
Cast: Sawaguchi Yasuko, Nishimura Kazuhiko, Jinbo Satoshi, Ishimaru Kenjiro, Ishino Yoko, Kawano Taro, Matsubara Chieko, Tezuka Satomi, Yamazaki Mitsuru
Synopsis: A hunting rifle goes off by accident. Miyata Keigo (Kawano Taro), the owner of the rifle, says there had been an accidental firing when he handled it without knowing that it was loaded with bullet(s). The casualty is an old man called Enoki Kotaro (Yamazaki Mitsuru) who lives in Seijo, which is an hour away from Miyata’s house. No one has doubts about the accident, but public prosecutor Kasumi Yuko (Sawaguchi Yasuko) is different. Yuko, who has descended on the scene with assistant officer, Sakuragi Yoichi (Nishimura Kazuhiko), immediately sets out to investigate the link between Miyata and Enoki. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division regards Yuko’s tenacity with displeasure. The investigation continues but they find no link between the two men. At that moment, a woman called Yasukawa Hatsune (Ishino Yoko) visits Yuko’s family home which is a temple. Uno Yusuke, a man mistaken for a molester, was pushed off high ground and killed. She has brought an offering to mourn the first anniversary of Uno’s death but leaves without greeting his surviving family. Furthermore, she had shifted after the accident. Yuko gradually gets fooled by that. Then, she listens to what Uno’s wife, Kyoko (Tezuka Satomi), says and realises she was mistaken … ..
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