Soredemo, Ikite Yuku – Episode 7 Synopsis

Episode 7: On the subject of his dark heart


Hiroki brings Yukie to ‘Fukami’ in order to ask her about Fumiya. It happens that Kohei has also come to the shop, so he listens to Yukie’s story together with Kyoko and Hiroki.

The story Yukie tells them of the time she met Fumiya at the juvenile medical reformatory to the time they separated, comes as a shock to the family. According to Yukie, when she worked at the reformatory nine years ago in the summer of 2002, Fumiya was already there and due to be discharged in a year. The doctors had diagnosed severe trauma brought on by his father’s neglect of the family as well as the sudden death of his strict mother in a traffic accident. His therapy to repent for his crime and enable him to get along in society was already almost completed. Everyone believed he had been rehabilitated, except Fumiya himself. And perhaps Yukie too. She had made the connection between his drawing and the murder, and suspected that he was just pretending to be cured.


Fumiya did not regret the murder he had committed. Yukie realised while living together with him that he was suppressing his criminal tendencies. But it came too late … … Maybe because she had made herself believe that he had changed. One night after receiving the news of Yukie’s pregnancy, Fumiya deliberately placed a plastic bag on the stairway. Yukie slipped on it while on her way out to buy beer for him, fell down the stairs, and suffered a miscarriage. Fumiya had killed his own child.

In his diary, he had written two entries on that day:

“9 September:
Human creatures are sad.
They live without knowing why they were born.
Live without knowing why they are alive.
And die without know anything.”

“9 September:
I’m murderous.
My murderous self probably killed my own child.
I watched.
I just watched my murderous self kill my own child.
Even so, I’m alive.”


Yukie later found his diary and as she read the entries, it occurred to her that Fumiya regarded all humans as pitiful goldfishes in a fish tank and was always driven by the impulse to scoop them out with his palms and destroyed them. She was neither a woman, mother nor person to him. She was just a fish tank in which pitiful goldfishes are placed. That day, she fled the apartment they shared before he came back from work.

After Yukie gets to the end of her story, she tells them that Fumiya’s probation officer had told her that he is now working at a fruit orchard in Chiba prefecture. When Hiroki sends her to the train station, she tells him to do as he pleases with Fumiya. Then, the two brothers head to the fruit orchard.

At Kusama Farm, Kusama tries to settle Maki’s nerves now that she has found out that Kenji had murdered a young girl. But she does not listen to her father’s words and is extremely scared. That is because she also has a young daughter, Yuri. At that moment, there is a phone call from Shunsuke who has been calling fruit orchards that produce the hyuga natsu in order to track Fumiya’s whereabouts, and Kusama leaves the orchard in order to meet him.


During that time, Yuri goes missing when Maki leaves her unsupervised. Suspecting Kenji, Maki goes to his room, but her daughter is not there. She presses him for an answer, but he does not respond. That is when she discovers a drawing of Yuri lying on her side in a foetal position among his sketches. A fearful Maki dashes out in search of Yuri, who is in fact playing badminton with Saho in the orchard. Fumiya approaches the two of them with a hammer in his hand. Saho notices him and tries to stop him, but she is hit. The next is Yuri … … but Fumiya somehow manages to restrain himself, let go of the hammer and bring Yuri back home.


Futaba comes over to ‘Fukami’ while Kyoko is there. She confesses that her meeting with Fumiya had made her realise how naive her own thinking had been and bows in apology to Kyoko.

“I had hoped that my brother would come home,
that our family would laugh together.
And some day … …
the day will come when I can laugh from my heart with Hiroki-san.
There’s definitely no way that will happen.
No way it will be permitted.”

Then, Kyoko starts to gently tell Futaba that it is all right for her to wish for happiness too. That both she and Hiroki and should think of each other’s happiness. To Kyoko’s amusement, this prompts Futaba to suddenly burst out with the words,

“I would like to buy shoes and socks for Hiroki-san.
He’s always walking on his heels.
Also, all the socks he wears have weird colours for some reason.
And … I would like to cook for him too.”


Maki is in when Fumiya brings Yuri back. Clutching a kitchen knife in her hand, she questions him about what he had done to her daughter.

“What have you done?
You act as if nothing has happened.
How can a person who has murdered a child be so calm?
Why are you alive?
The child you killed had a mother.
A mother who had taken good care of her.
Even you had a mother, didn’t you?
How can you be calm when you’ve robbed her of that?
It would have been better if a person like you weren’t born!
You shouldn’t have been born!”

Fumiya’s expression changes at Maki’s remarks, and he slowly moves towards her. A short while later, Kusama returns to the orchard in the company of Shunsuke. He immediately goes to call Fumiya to meet his father. There he sees … …


Fumiya has left the orchard and repeatedly hits his head against the wall of a tunnel many times.

Meanwhile, Hiroki, who is taking a break at a service area with Kohei, takes out a knife that had been hidden in the dashboard on the side of the front passenger seat, and puts it inside the pocket of his vest … …

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    Thanks for these recaps! I love this drama.

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