Shitamachi Rocket – Characters


Mikami Hiroshi as Tsukuda Kohei
The president of Tsukuda Industries. A former rocket engineer with the Japan Space Science Development Agency. Although he has taken over the running of the factory from his father, he cannot give up his dream of developing a rocket engine.

Terajima Shinobu as Kamiya Ryoko
A lawyer with the law firm, Kamiya. She used to work under Okawa Kyoichi, but grew disgusted with the court tactics he would use to attain his objectives, and set up her own firm. She and Tsukuda Kohei’s ex-wife, Izumi Saya, are former classmates.

Watabe Atsuro as Zaizen Michio
Manager of Teikoku Heavy Industries’ Aerospace Systems Division and the man in charge of the company’s Stardust Programme. He learns about Tsukuda Industries’ patented technolgy and makes contact with Tsukuda Kohei.

Ikeuchi Hiroyuki as Ehara Haruki
A section head in Tsukuda Industries’ Sales Department. He is like a leader who manages the young employees. Although he is captivated by Tsukuda Kohei’s passion, he starts to grow anxious about the company’s operations.

Ayano Go as Mano Kensaku
A young employee with Tsukuda Industries’ Engineering Department. He admires Ehara Haruki of the Sales Department, and is dissatisfied with Tsukuda Kohei’s plans.

Matsuo Satoru as Yamazaki Mitsuhiko
The head of Tsukuda Industries’ Engineering Development Department. He respects Tsukuda Kohei who began his career in engineering. He is usually placid but his feelings for technological development is stronger than others.

Harada Natsuki as Suzuki Tomomi
Ehara Haruki’s girlfriend. An employee with Teikoku Heavy Industries’ PR Division who is responsible for the Stardust Programme’s publicity. They are soon to be married, but she is worried about him because he has become self-deprecating.

Mashima Hidekazu as Tomiyama Keiji
A senior employee Teikoku Heavy Industries’ Aerospace Systems Division who is Zaizen Michio’s subordinate. The person in charge of the Stardust Programme on site. He is very ambitious and is on the lookout for an opportunity to steal a march on Zaizen.

Okuda Erika as Zaizen Fuyumi
Zaizen Michio’s wife. A former employee of Teikoku Heavy Industries. She is close to Suzuki Tomomi, her junior at the company. She suffers from a serious heart condition and sometimes has fits.

Miyama Karen as Tsukuda Rina
The only daughter of Tsukuda Kohei and Izumi Saya. Ever since her parents’ divorced, she has not been communicating well with her father.

Osanai Minako as Tsukuda Kazue
Tsukuda Kohei’s mother. She is proud of her son, who had succeeded her late husband. After the divorce of Kohei and his wife, she has been raising Rina as if she were her own daughter.

Masu Takeshi as Mizuhara Shigeharu
Vice President of Teikoku Heavy Industries’ Aerospace Systems Division. Zaizen Michio’s superior. He is jealous and upset that Zaizen has found favour in the eyes of the company president.

Horibe Keisuke as Motoki Ko
Tsukuda Kohei’s former colleague and good friend. A researcher at the Japan Space Science Development Agency. He is still at the top of his field in the agency right now.

Tamura Ryo as Fujima Hideki
The president of Teikoku Heavy Industries. He is the powerful person behind the promotion of the Stardust Programme because of his strong leadership. This project is his long-cherished dream.

Furuya Ikko as Oba Kazuyoshi
A professor at the Japan Space Science Development Agency. He is the teacher who set the stage for Tsukuda Kohei’s dreams of outer space, and at the same time, is also the main player who made Tsukuda take responsibility for the launch failure.

Sato Jiro as Mita Kimiyasu
The manager in charge of legal work at Nakashima Precision. He forces small and medium-sized factories into crises through masterful courtroom tactics. He teams up with Okawa Kyoichi, a specialist in patented technology, and sues Tsukuda Industries.

Ogi Shigemitsu as Okawa Kyoichi
The head of the law firm, Okawa. Kamiya Ryoko’s former superior. His expertise is in patented technology and he is good at courtroom maneuvering. He is willing to do anything to achieve his aims as long as it is legal.

Koichi Mantaro as Tonomura Naohiro
The manager of Tsukuda Industries’ Accounting Department. An employee seconded from Hakusui Bank. He occasionally has run ins with other employees, but analyses the company’s business conditions in a level-headed manner.

Mitsuishi Ken as Tsuno Kaoru
The manager of Tsukuda Industries’ Sales Department. He has been supporting the factory since the time of the previous president. Although he has a short temper, he thinks of the company more than anyone else.

Mizuno Maki as Izumi Saya
Tsukuda Kohei’s ex-wife. A researcher at the Japan Space Science Development Agency. Disappointed in her husband who resigned from the agency to become the president of Tsukuda Industries, she divorced him. They live apart, but she understand their only daughter, Rina, very well.


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