Soredemo, Ikite Yuku – Episode 4 Synopsis

Episode 4: The revealed truth


Hiroki and Futaba find a fruit at the site of the house where her family once lived at the time of Aki’s murder. It is the same fruit that Fumiya had left behind when they saw him in Tokyo. Hiroki is convinced that Fumiya was here very recently, but Futaba dismisses it.

When Hiroki and Futaba return to ‘Fukami’, Kyoko is there. There is something odd about her attitude. It turns out that she has discovered that Futaba is the Toyamas’ daughter. She had followed the address given by the detective agency she hired, and visited the Toyamas’ house. When Futaba goes back, Kyoko tells Hiroki what the Toyama household had been like at the time of the incident. Futaba used to play with Aki. Her father, Shunsuke, had been a rather arrogant man and the manager of a clock factory.


The next morning, Futaba reveals to her family that she has been seeing the Fukamis. This puts her father and mother on edge. Akari says they should report the harassment to the police, but Futaba points out that they are the family of the assailant. Then, Takami steps in to shield Akari. It does not involve her because it was an incident that happened before she was born. Although Takammi’s tone frustrates Futaba, she urges her parents to apologise to the Fukamis even if it means making a hundred or thousand trips to see them. However, neither Shunsuke nor Takami take no notice of what she says.


Shunsuke, who is about to leave for work, notices the fruit that Futaba had picked up, and tells her that it is a hyuga natsu (a citrus fruit symbolic of Miyazaki prefecture). Futaba tells her father that she had seen Fumiya in Tokyo. Shunsuke confesses that he had seen Fumiya three years ago too, but had chosen abandon to him to protect the family. Futaba cannot understand her father’s feelings. “Isn’t brother family?”

A stunned Futaba goes to Hiroki’s place. As their boat floats on the water’s surface, the two of them are immersed in their own world. However, they cannot remain as they are. Aki’s murder is an undeniable fact that lies between them. When they are brought back to reality, Futaba says she was told by her father that the fruit Fumiya left behind is called hyuga natsu. Hiroki suspects that Shunsuke might know Fumiya’s whereabouts, but Futaba shakes her head and disagrees.


When Hiroki drops Futaba off near her house, Shunsuke’s car comes by. Hiroki tails him and they end up at the empty plot which used to be the Toyamas’ home. Shunsuke becomes aware of Hiroki’s presence … …

The two men go to a cafe where Shunsuke struggles to find words of apology. But Hiroki does not want an apology. What he wants is to know why Aki had to be killed? And why was it Fumiya? However, Shunsuke is not able to reply. Then, a housewife who knows about the murder calls out to the two of them. She scolds Shunsuke and speaks ill of him. This forces Shunsuke to go down on his knees and prostrate himself to Hiroki’s chagrin.


As they walk along a shopping arcade after leaving the cafe, Hiroki asks Shunsuke if he can kill Fumiya.

“I don’t know where he is.
I have a job.
I read manga.
But when the time to kill comes,
I guess I’ll probably kill him.
After all, it doesn’t look like you’ve the intention to look for him.”

Hiroki tells a silent Shunsuke that he admires his late father for making up his mind how he wished to live and to die. He tells Shunsuke that both Futaba and Fumiya had said they were daddy’s girl / boy, and then he goes off.

When Hiroki returns to the shop, Satsuki is there. She is worried because she has not heard from him. Hiroki says he is going to Tokyo the next day to meet the nurse who was in charge of Fumiya during his time at the juvenile medical reformatory. Satsuki advises him to make an appointment and he immediately calls to ask, but learns that that nurse went missing after Fumiya was discharged.

Shunsuke’s feelings have changed because of his meeting with Hiroki and Futaba’s sentiments. He announces to the family that he intends to find Fumiya and bring him back home. Futaba and even Akari signal their approval, but Takami is upset and dead set against the idea.

“I’ll never allow that.
What have we worked so hard for these 15 years?
Why have we protected this family?
We cannot let a murderer into this family!
A child who killed a 7-year-old girl.
He’s not a decent human being!
We don’t know what he’ll do!”


Then, Takami lets slip that she did not give birth to Fumiya. This revelation comes as a shock to Futaba who asks about Fumiya’s mother and whose child she is. “You’re mine, Futaba,” Takami breaks down and cries. Futaba pretends to keep her composure, but runs out of the house.

At that moment, Fumiya takes Saho, who knows about his past, out of the fruit orchard. There is a big shovel on the back of the truck that he is driving … …

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