Shitamachi Rocket (WOWOW)


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Sundays, 10.00 – 11.00 p.m. from 21 August 2011


Tsukuda Kohei was once in charge of the development of a space rocket. He had resigned from the Japan Space Science Development Agency to take responsibility for the failure of the rocket launch and now runs Tsukuda Industries, a small factory in the old downtown district.

One day, Tsukuda receives a court claim. The plaintiff is Nakashima Precision which crushes small and medium factories by applying ruthless legal tactics. Sued for product patent infringement, Tsukuda Industries gradually loses orders and the company finds itself in a survival crisis.

Meanwhile, Teikoku Heavy Industries, one of Japan’s leading corporations which has been commissioned by the government to manufacture and develop a large rocket, announces the ‘Stardust Programme’ at a press conference. It is a project to launch the domestically-made rocket. Teikoku Heavy Industries invests a billion yen to develop a new hydrogen engine. However, Zaizen Michio, the project manager and the head of the Aerospace Division, receives a shocking report. The patent for the proprietary engine valve system that Teikoku Heavy Industry prides as the world’s most advanced technology, has already been filed by Tsukuda Industries.

A beleaguered Zaizen learns that Tsukuda Industries is in desperate straits. The rocket cannot fly without that component so he offers Tsukuda 2 billion yen for the transfer of that patent. Although Tsukuda Industries is cash-strapped, Tsukuda refuses the offer and instead proposes that Zaizen let him supply the engine!

* Mikami Hiroshi as Tsukuda Kohei
* Terajima Shinobu as Kamiya Ryoko
* Watabe Atsuro as Zaizen Michio
* Ikeuchi Hiroyuki as Ehara Haruki
* Ayano Go as Mano Kensaku
* Harada Natsuki as Suzuki Tomomi
* Mashima Hidekazu as Tomiyama Keiji
* Matsuo Satoru as Yamazaki Mitsuhiko
* Miyama Karen as Okuda Rina
* Okuda Erika as Zaizen Fuyumi
* Osanai Minako as Okuda Kazue
* Masu Takeshi as Mizuhara Shigeharu
* Horibe Keisuke as Motoki Ko
* Tamura Ryo as Fujima Hideki
* Furuya Ikko as Oba Kazuyoshi
* Sato Jiro as Mita Kimiyasu
* Ogi Shigemitsu as Okawa Kyoichi
* Koichi Mantaro as Tonomura Naohiro
* Mitsuishi Ken as Tsuno Kaoru
* Mizuno Maki as Izumi Saya

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