Ningen Konchuki


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Sundays, 12.00 – 12.30 a.m. from 30 July 2011


At a theatre, Tomura Toshiko stares intently at Nishikawa Keiko’s performance on stage. After the curtain falls, Toshiko negotiates personally with the director, Hachisuka Hyoroku, and joins the theatre group. She becomes an assistant to Keiko, whom she idolises. While she tends to Keiko’s every need, she gets close to Hachisuka by using seductive techniques and wrests the role of leading actress from Keiko. Having ousted Keiko, Toshiko says she will study directing and forces Hachisuka to leave the group. It is decided that Toshiko will play the lead as well as direct the stage performance. The designer, Mizuno Ryotaro, turns up for a meeting on the poster … …

Minami as Tomura Toshiko/Shijimi
Tomura Toshiko: A beautiful, devious woman who displays topnotch talent in various fields as an actress, novelist, designer … … The people around her are enslaved by her beauty.
Shijimi: Mizuno Ryotaro’s wife. A frail woman who resembles Tomura Toshiko. She meets Mizuno Ryotaro through an introduction made by Kanayama Bunzo, the president of Kinbun Trading.

ARATA as Mizuno Ryotaro
A designer who hires Tomura Toshiko as his assistant, and falls in love with her before he even realises it. He intends to marry her but is cheated.

Kuze Seika as Nishikawa Keiko
An actress with the theatre group, Theatre Kurau. Her performing skills are stolen by her assistant, Tomura Toshiko, and she loses her role.

Tezuka Toru as Hachisuka Hyoroku
The director of the theatre group, Theatre Kurau, and lover of Nishikawa Keiko. He is driven out of the group by Tomura Toshiko.

Tsurumi Shingo as Kamaishi Kiro
An executive director of JBE. A wily person with a practical personality. He takes an interest in Tomura Toshiko and rescue her from a fix.

Takito Kenichi as Aokusa Kametaro
A journalist with the weekly magazine, Shukan Hougen. He takes an interest in Tomura Toshiko’s baffling behaviour and past and interviews her.

Kitamura Yukiya as Arikawa Heihachi
A terrorist who accepts a job from Tomura Toshiko through his master, Kabuto Sesson, to kill a person who is in her way. He is scornful of Toshiko.

Matsunaga Ryoko as Kagawa Jun
Kamaishi Kiro’s secretary. She keeps surveillance on Tomura Toshiko at Kamaishi’s instructions, but is co-opted by her.

Hirosawa So as Usuba Kageri
A friend who used to live with Tomura Toshiko. Her ambition is to be a writer and she is supported by Toshiko’s love.

Kim Sujin as Kanayama Bunzo
The president of a Kyoto company, Kinbun Trading, who is an acquaintance of Mizuno Ryotaro. He looks out for Shijimi.

Nakamura Atsuo as Kabuto Sesson
An opposition party lawmaker. He is attracted to Tomura Toshiko’s mysterious charm and supports her.


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