On location with NHK’s Kamisama no Nyobou


Tokiwa Takako, Tsutsui Michitaka, MATSU, Akino Yoko, Nogiwa Yoko and Tsugawa Masahiko, the main cast of NHK’s upcoming drama, Kamisama no Nyobou, gathered on Tuesday for an interview filled with good-natured bantering and teasing at the network’s Yokohama studio. They were on the set of the ‘Seikomaru’, the ship owned by Mumeno’s father, Iue Seitaro.

The drama depicts the turbulent early life of Matsushita Konosuke and his wife Mumeno. Matsushita, who is called the “god of management”, set up Matsushita Electronics at 22 and created the present Matsushita Group from electric sockets in a single generation. Mumeno, the second daughter of a wealthy seaman, married Matsushita when she was 19 and continuously supported her husband.


“I think it’s very pressurising for Tsutsui-san to play Matsushita-san and how he became the great person whom all of us know, but it’s also quite pressurising for me as the wife,” Tokiwa notes.

But in contrast to the pressure on set, the mood during their breaks were friendly. Nogiwa, who plays Mumeno’s mother Komatsu, worried about Tokiwa’s husband, actor Nagatsuka Keishi. “Tokiwa and Tsutsui were always talking like friends on location shooting. I wonder if it’s okay. Shall I go tell Keishi-san?” she warned in a serious tone which got Tokiwa flustered.


Then Tsugawa, Tokiwa’s on-screen dad, entered the fray. “Takako-chan, you’re married? I didn’t know that. Thank goodness I kept my hands off,” and he jokingly ribs Tsutsui, “This fellow, Tsutsi, looks shy but is actually aggressive with females. He didn’t even say a single word to me!”

Akino revealed another glimpse of what went on behind the scenes. “Surrounded by Tsutsui, who is unmarried, and MATSU, who cannot marry because his leader (HIRO) has not wed, I asked what marriage means to them and gave them advise. Me, the one with a broken marriage (laughs). Furthermore, it seems that Tsutsui-kun was told by Takako-chan, ‘Let me tell you, if you think you’ll still live together after 40 years of marriage, you’re greatly mistaken!”



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