Hi wa Mata Noboru


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Thursdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 21 July 2011

TV Asahi

It is one week away from the enrollment ceremony at Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Police Academy. As the new students congregate to observe the training, another new person shows up at the place. He is 48-year-old Tono Kazuyuki, a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division who is making a new start as an instructor at the academy. During Tono’s time as a detective, he had been a man who had sometimes used seemingly useless rules against a number of violent criminals and arrested them through persistent investigation. He is a person ill suited to be an instructor, and yet … … Tono himself remains ignorant of the reason for his selection as he marks his first day of duty. Minoshima Sawako, who has been made head of general education for the first time, laments that the quality of students has dropped remarkably and there have been no end to the cases of them being called completely useless at crime scenes. Although she declares that Tono is a rotten detective, she acknowledges the many feats he has achieved. In order to restore trust in the police, she wants him to determine the incompetent ones through the experience he had cultivated on the job and dismiss them before the ceremony. At that moment, Miyata Eiji and Yubara Shuta, two new students who are in the class that Tono is taking charge of, get into an argument and are about to have a fight. However, Tono nonchalantly tells them to do as they like, instead of being their mediator. And then he declares, “Only those who can keep up with me in this one week before the enrollment ceremony will remain in the class.” Why does he have to be so harsh? The students get increasingly resentful of Tono’s merciless coaching and their own unidentifiable fear of him. Meanwhile, a brutal crime takes place near the police academy. A man armed with a shotgun has barricaded himself in a video rental store. Asked to assist in the negotiations by the chief of the First Investigative Division, Sugisaki Takao, who had been his superior while he was with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Tono says he will accept on one condition. He wants permission to bring the newly enrolled trainees to the crime scene! Sawako is dead set against this, but … …

Sato Koichi as Tono Kazuyuki
An instructor at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Police Academy. He used to be a detective with the First Investigative Division, but submitted his resignation to take responsibility for his wife Natsumi’s escape with the criminal, Anzai Yuya. However, he received an unexpected order to become a new instructor at the police academy. He had made a name for himself during his days as a detective because of his keen insight and uncompromising investigative skills. After becoming an instructor, he developed unprecedented and aggressive training unfettered by existing rules based on his experience at the scene. He sticks to his own objectives in spite of the hostilities of the trainees and staff. On the other hand, his feelings for his missing wife swell day by day, and frazzles his nerves as a “flesh-and-blood lone male”… …

Miura Haruma as Miyata Eiji
A new student at the police academy and a trainee in Tono Kazuyuki’s class. Born in Tokyo. Although he does well in both studies and sports, he gets tired of things quickly. Because he is outgoing, he has many friends and is popular with girls. He is in fact innocent and easily moved to tears. He did not actually aim to be a police officer. It was only because he did not find employment in the downturn that he sought “security” by taking the police officer recruitment examination. However, he begins to regret his aspiration to be a police officer when faced with Tono’s gruelling training which is far beyond his expectations. He keeps his antipathy towards Tono in his chest, but an incident brings about a gradual change … …

Ikematsu Sosuke as Yubara Shuta
A new student at the police academy and is the best student in Tono Kazuyuki’s class for his combination of physical strength and intellect. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. He belonged to the marksman club in high school and university, and was placed third nationwide. Some circumstances have spurred him to set his sights on being a police officer early on and that enthusiasm is extraordinary. He does not get swept along by the people around him but work towards forging ahead with his own path. He obeys the academy’s rules and also silently performs the gruelling training set by Tono. He has no friends because he is not accommodating. He and Miyata Eiji, who is a completely different type, oppose each other whenever opportunity offers but … …

Saito Yuki as Tono Natsumi
Tono Kazuyuki’s wife who was formerly a nurse. She and Anzai Yuya are childhood friends. One day, Anzai turned to her after committing a murder but was arrested right before her eyes by her husband and Sugisaki Takao. She was unconsciously drawn to Tono, who had visited her repeatedly as a detective. They tied the knot and even though they did not have the satisfaction of spending time together, they had a happy married life. However, she comes in contact with Anzai, who had been released from jail after 8 years. Hurt by the gulf between her husband after he voices his doubts about her relationship with Anzai, she runs away with Anzai. This action ends up changing Tono’s heart and the future of the people involved … …

Arata as Anzai Yuya
A criminal who is the childhood friend of Tono Natsumi. He had been a drug courier for the past 10 years but escaped from the pursuit of police detectives who were lying in wait for him. Recognised by policemen on patrol, he killed and injured them, and fled once again. Before long, an emotionally oppressed Anzai visited Natsumi, whom he has always identified with and cared about very much. However, he was arrested by Tono Kazuyuki and Sugisaki Takao over there. When he was released from jail after 8 years, he learnt that Natsumi had married Tono, the man who arrested him, and was extremely angry. He beat up an investigator, then went to Natsumi out of desperation. Both of them ran away together. And he heads down a path of destruction that is beyond his control … …

Rokaku Seiji as Sugisaki Takao
The head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division and Tono Kazuyuki’s contemporary. He had apprehended many criminals with Tono in the past. A man with a bad mouth. Although he frequently clashed with Tono over investigation objectives when the latter had been a detective, he recognises Tono’s ability more than anyone else.

Maya Miki as Minoshima Sawako
The first head of general education at the police academy. She feels a sense of mission to groom police officers that are useful at crime scenes, and is an “iron lady” who educates trainees with a sternness that puts males to shame. She challenges Tono Kazuyuki’s “outrageous training techniques” and exhibits hostility. However, some change occurs within Sawako whose motto is “perfection” … …

Hashizume Isao as Uchibori Seijiro
The head of the police academy. He is a meek and sincere person, but every now and then, there is a sharpness in the depths of his eyes. He is the person responsible for hiring Tono Kazuyuki as an instructor. He believes that an instructor like Tono, who has an intimate knowledge of crime scenes, will be able to nurture full-fledged police officers. However, there is another reason why he is keeping Tono by his side … …

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