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In Okinawa, during the closing days of the Ryukyu Kingdom in the 19th century, a girl was born amidst the storm. This girl, who was brought up without a given name and neglected because her father had hoped for the birth of a son, called herself Mazuru. A grown-up Mazuru decides to hide her gender under the guise of an eunuch and become a palace official named Son Neion in order to fulfil her father’s wish to resurrect the Son family. The intelligent Neion generously protects a British vessel and its sailors who were shipwrecked in the seas around the kingdom, and plays her diplomatic hand well. Earning the king’s recognition, Neion is ordered to pursue budgetary reforms, but comes into conflict with the king’s elder sister, Kikoe Okimi.

Nakama Yukie as Son Neion/Mazuru
Mazuru grew up neglected by her father, Son Shishi, who hoped for a son. Attractive and possessing a brilliant mind, she disguises her gender and takes the government official appointment exam which is only open to males. She makes a splendid breakthrough, and as the youngest official, works hard in diplomatic negotiations with the major powers of Europe and the US. Although she had lived in denial of her femininity, she finds herself made sport of by love when she meets Asakura Masahiro. She loses her standing after the death of the king, but in a strange turn of events, returns to the palace as a woman this time.

Tanihara Shosuke as Asakura Masahiro
A young samurai of the Satsuma Domain. He was appointed to be a diplomat based in the Ryukyu Kingdom, which is where he encountered a young Mazuru. He loves the nature and culture of the place and also grows attracted to Mazuru. However, he is forced to oppose the dynasty after that and Son Neion, who has become a palace official, appears before him … …

Tsukamoto Takashi as Kishaba Chokun
Hailed to be the royal government’s prodigy, he and Son Neion became palace officials in their youth. Although he is her rival, he also understands her well and is secretly in love with her. However, the Joteigai incident spurs him to part company with Neion.

Okuda Eiji as Son Shishi
Mazuru’s father. He gives his daughter the mission to revive the fortunes of the family, and makes her choose the rough path of Son Neion, having to disguise her gender to become a palace official.

Takahashi Kazuya as Shoikuou
The 18th king of the Ryukyu Kingdom who places emphasis on education reforms. He has great faith in the knowledgeable Son Neion, who has no ties to the royal government. He gives her an important post and orders her to conduct a special investigation.

Wakamura Mayumi as Ouhi
The consort of King Shoikuou. She schemes with Oseidobe to bring Kikoe Okimi down and is engaged in a succession struggle with the concubines.

Kaneko Noboru as Son Shiyu
Mazuru’s elder brother. A child who was adopted in order to carry on the Son family’s lineage, but refuses to take over. He has no interest in studies and runs away from home to immerse himself in his beloved world of dance.

Takaoka Saki as Kikoe Okimi
The elder sister of King Shoikuou and the blue-eyed, holy deity of Ryukyu Kingdom’s royalty. The head of Ryukyu’s religious order, she tries to protect the country with her tremendous power, but on the other hand, sees through Son Neion’s true identity as a result of that psychic ability.

Gackt as Joteigai
A Qing dynasty enuch who possesses intelligence and great powers of information, but has a bizarre personality. He sees through Son Neion’s true identity and tries to use her in order to occupy the Ryukyu Kingdom and regain the Forbidden City. He drives a wedge between Neion, Asakura Masahiro and Kishaba Chokun.

Katase Rino as Oseidobe
The highest ranking lady-in-waiting who oversees the inner palace. She is devoted to the queen, and is hostile to Kikoe Okimi and Son Neion.

Yachigusa Kaoru as Kokubo
The birth mother of King Shoikuou and Kikoe Okimi. She conspires with the concubines rather than the queen in the hope of making that child the next king.

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