Team Batista Season 3 ~ Ariadne no Dangan


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Tuesdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 12 July 2011

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When Taguchi Kohei, Tojo University Hospital’s outpatient consultant, wakes up one morning, there is a dead man at a garbage collection point. A police doctor who rushed to the scene diagnoses it to simply be an emaciated death, but something unsettles Taguchi and he proposes autopsy imaging (AI) of the dead body. The cause of that man’s death on the streets turns out to be shocking and inconceivable, which raises the possibility that it might be a murder case. On the other hand, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare official, Shiratori Keisuke, invites Shimazu Goro, an associate professor of the Department of Radiology and leading authority in AI, to Tojo University Hospital and recommends the establishment of an AI Centre to determine the cause of death through autopsy imaging. Shimazu brags that “medicine will expose crimes”. However, the police and forensic pathologists are vehemently opposed. The police fear that their investigations will be jeopardised because information on the cause of death can be grasped through medicine, while the forensic pathologists believe that the actual cause of death can only be determined through autopsies. In the midst of the controversy, Taguchi is for some reason put up as the director of the centre. Meanwhile, the dead man that Taguchi found is identified, and the case takes an unexpected turn. Taguchi witnesses the sloppiness of the system to identify the cause of death with his own eyes. However, at that moment, another case occurs! A system engineer finds a dead body within the hospital while carrying out an MRI which has been introduced at the AI Centre … …

Ito Atsushi as Taguchi Kohei
A consultant at Tojo University Hospital who listens to complaints of general malaise. He is good at drawing out the worries and true feelings of his patients by listening to their stories. The Team Batista incident displayed Taguchi’s inner sense of justice and strength to face up to difficult issues. As a result of Shiratori Keisuke’s scheme, he becomes the director of the AI centre and gets embroiled in an unanticipated murder.

Nakamura Toru as Shiratori Keisuke
A technical official attached to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Secretariat, and the head of a task force to advance the establishment of independent, neutral organisations in connection with medical malpractice. He is responsible for promoting the set up of institutes that would aid investigations of medical mistakes from the two aspects of forensic pathology and law. Shiratori holds numerous medical-related qualifications including a doctor’s license. He is insensitive and intrudes on people’s turf. That draws out their true feelings and exposes their psyche. He orchestrates the establishment of Tojo University Hospital’s first AI Centre as a first step in improving the system of determining the cause of death. However, he faces violent opposition from the police and forensic pathologists … …

Konishi Manami as Sasai Sumire
An associate professor at Tojo University Hospital’s School of Forensic Medicine. She is opposed to the AI Centre because she believes that an autopsy is the best method to determine the cause of death. She appears to have had previous contact with Ikaruga Yoshimasa, and got her present job as a result of some incident in the past.

Fukushi Seiji as Usami Soichi
A detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Criminal Affairs Bureau. He is loyal to Kitayama Joichiro, the deputy director general whom he worships. However, colleagues find him weird because there is a mysterious side to him.

Ichikawa Tomohiro as Suda Shusuke
A graduate student with Tojo University Hospital’s School of Forensic Medicine. He and Sasai Sumire are supporting the school which has neither adequate budget nor staff. He likes Sumire.

Yasuda Ken as Shimazu Goro
An associate professor at Tojo University Hospital’s Department of Radiology. He was invited from Laimant University to take a post at Tojo University Hospital in order to set up the AI Centre. A leading authority in the technology to reproduce precise computer graphics of the condition of the dead body. He believes in the omnipotence of autopsy imaging, “You will know everything with AI.”

Takahashi Katsunori as Ikaruga Yoshimasa
The head of information planning. Attached to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Director General’s office, he controls reports related to the police and Sasai Sumire. He places utmost importance in discipline and order. He believes that ‘law = justice’ and takes the position that “it is the duty of the judicial branch of the government to withhold information that does not have to be told. He is opposed to establishment of an AI Centre which will allow medicine to gain control of all information on the cause of death.

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