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Fridays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 15 July 2011


Sakuraba Miko, who was raised at a children’s orphanage, is training to be a sister at a convent, but has always been unsuccessful. One day, close to the date of her depature for Rome for religious training, Mabuchi Hajime, the manager of the very popular band A.N.JELL, suddenly comes to visit. According to Mabuchi, Miko’s twin brother, Mio, who had set his sights on being a singer for some time, has been chosen as A.N.JELL’s new member and there has to be a written contract today. However, Mio is not able to come to the office for some reason and Mabuchi wants Miko to sign the contract in place of her twin. Miko is begged by him and almost forcibly brought to the office where she impersonates Mio and signs the contract in front of president Ando Hiroshi. But the members of A.N.JELL – Katsuragi Ren, Fujishiro Shu and Hongo Yuki – appear at that moment. Without any warning, Ren, the band leader, demands to hear Mio sing, “I’ll listen to his voice and if I’m not satisfied, I won’t approve of the contract!” Miko is coerced into singing a hymn in front of everyone, but because her voice is like that of an angel’s, she escapes. Ren is chagrined while Ando and the others praise her voice. Having overcome Ren’s challenge, a relieved Miko bids farewell to Mabuchi because she will be travelling to Rome, but he suddenly gets down on his knees and begs her, “Take Mio’s place for these three months!” In truth, Mio’s nose was broken in a fight and it will take three months to heal. However, with a packed schedule that includes a press conference for the new band member, Mabuchi would be sacked if he were to tell Ando the truth at this point. It is an unreasonable demand to have Miko impersonate her brother for three months without the people around her realising that she is a female is, let alone live with the three male members and she soundly rejects him at first. But, she is told by Mabuchi that her older brother was working hard to fulfill his dream to become a singer because he believes that he if he becomes famous, he will be able to meet their mother whom they had lost contact with. And so, Miko decides to pose as Mio and become a member of A.N.JELL. She also starts living together with them … … On her first day of communal life, she comes upon a naked Shu and Yuki, and gets uneasy about the future. Just as she had feared, an incident occurs at her welcome party. Of all things, a drunken Mio kisses the fastidious Ren, which sickens him. The next morning, an indignant Ren naturally refuses to be partnered with Mio, who earnestly apologises to him, and increasingly gives her the cold shoulder.

Takimoto Miori as Sakuraba Mio / Miko
She has a pure heart that does not doubt people. Because she is a bungling person, she has encountered many failures. She is also obtuse. After the death of her songwriter father, she was raised at a children’s orphanage. Aiming to be a nun, she has been training at a convent, but there is also a part of her that is worldly wise. At the request of Mabuchi Hajime, she joins A.N.JELL as its key boardist and vocalist to stand in for her injured twin brother, Mio. She causes trouble for the members at every turn and incurs the wrath of Katsuragi Ren who demands perfection. But when she becomes aware of who he really is, she finds herself caring for him before she realises it … …

Tamamori Yuta as Katsuragi Ren
The leader of the enormously popular band, A.N.JELL. He is its vocalist and guitarist. An egoistic, highly strung person. His father is a famous conductor and his music talent has bloomed since childhood. A gifted musician, he composes his own tunes and insists on creating the best music because he is a perfectionist. He appears to be stern and sullen, but his charisma leads the band. He is extremely fussy about cleanliness, and is picky with people, work and food. He is opposed to Sakuraba Mio joining A.N.JELL, but … …

Fujigaya Taisuke as Fujishiro Shu
The cool, smart guitarist of A.N.JELL. Although he is a member, he always steps aside and watches over the band. He has a sophisticated appearance, gentle manners, cool gaze, and a quiet smile … … His personality is in contrast to Katsuragi Ren’s, but they are equally popular. However, he hides a passionate side inside. He likes growing his own herbs, making tea and having a relaxed time. He has sharp instincts and is the first person to realise that Sakuraba Mio is a girl. While he tenderly watches over her, he continues his heart-breaking one-sided love for her.

Yaotome Hikaru as Hongo Yuki
The drummer of A.N.JELL and the band’s youngest member. He has an affable, mischievous personality and is the type who will say what he thinks. He acts like a happy groupie when he is able to meet Nana. The livewire of the band, he is always bright and cheerful. Although he appears to be an ordinary youth, his masculinity when playing the drums captivates fans. He has absolute faith in Katsuragi Ren and Fujishiro Shu who are his seniors, and thinks that Sakuraba Mio is annoying because she always vexes Ren.

Kojima Haruna as Nana
An idol who has cultivated a pure and innocent image and is called “Everyone’s fairy”. She keeps up an angelic, cutesy exterior as she goes all out to get close to Sakuragi Ren but she is actually a proud, malicious little fiend. She is irritated that he is not swayed by her … …

Imori Miyuki as Sakuraba Shigeko
A mysterious woman who works at a bar in a poor quarter of town. She tells customers of the bar that she had put Mio and Miko into the orphanage, but … …

Manda Hisako as Mizusawa Reiko
A one-time popular singer who took the world by storm. She seems to have some relationship with Katsuragi Ren and is concerned for him but he pays no attention to her.

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  1. kandiipop says:

    It may be old, but I’m still watching this drama (because of Hikaru *hehe* Tobikko *hehe*), and HELL YEAH this stuff is good! I ship Mio with Shu though, I hate Ren so much -_- He’s pretty much the annoying d*ck in this series. But I love him in real life X’D

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