Zenkai Girl


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Mondays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 11 July 2011

Fuji TV

The dream of rookie lawyer, Ayukawa Wakaba, is to be an international lawyer with a yearly income of 10 billion yen. However, the foreign law firm that had employed her, suddenly announces its withdrawal from Japan. A flustered Wakaba contacts a law firm that she had received an offer from, and ends up being employed by the firm run by Sakuragawa Shoko. When Wakaba comes to work the next day, Shoko says that a client is waiting. Wakaba gets stars in her eyes, but the person she is introduced to is Shoko’s 5-ear-old daughter, Hinata. Shoko would like Wakaba to take care of the girl. Wakaba immediately introduces herself, but Hinata’s attitude is brusque. Because Wakaba is her 26th caregiver, she does not see a need to remember her name because she will be replaced soon. Hearing this, Wakaba decides to deal with Hinata on equal terms. Even though she detests children, she declares that she definitely will follow through with what she has accepted. Hinata is convinced, and promises to do what she is able to. After that, the two of them head to the nursery school that Hinata attends. On the way there, Wakaba’s gaze is rooted to a spot because of Yamada Sota, whom she had mistaken for a molester in the train a few days ago. Sota is with a child called Bitaro, and Bitaro is a friend who also attends the same nursery as Hinata. Hearing from Sota that caregivers have recently been screened when they come to the school, Wakaba declares to Hanamura Hitoshi, the head of the nursery, that if they are doing so, they should cross check with the list of sex offenders. A panicky Sota intervenes. Then Hanamura’s daughter Urara praises Sota as a role model for ‘ikumen’ (men who proactively and voluntarily take care of their children). Wakaba scoffs that Japan’s economy would fail if the country were full of these unproductive men. Sota and the Hanamuras are struck dumb, while Wakaba smiles sweetly and says she is neither interested nor concerned about ‘ikumen’ … …

Aragaki Yui as Ayukawa Wakaba
She shut off romance since young and devoted herself to her studies, passing the bar exam on her first attempt. She dreams of a bright future as international lawyer who travels all over the world and works as a rookie lawyer at Samejima-Sakuragawa Law Firm. She has a strong fighting spirit and detests children. Then she is asked by the head of the law firm, Sakuragawa Shoko, to look after her daughter. She gets acquainted with Yamada Shota and ends up taking care of children.

Nishikido Ryo as Yamada Sota
He works as a cook at a downtown diner called ‘Le Sato’. A good-natured, sympathetic and naive person. He is divorced and took custody of his wife’s son whom he is struggling to raise singlehandedly. He has been fooled many times by bad women whom he cannot leave alone. Ayukawa Wakaba and him end up taking care of the children of fellow ‘ikumen’.

Hirayama Koji as Shindo Kyoichi
An ambitious lawyer who works at Samejima-Sakuragawa Law Firm. Born into a family of lawyers, he is the ace of the public relations team and aims to set up his own firm. He has the same sort of mindset as Ayukawa Wakaba and is the object of her admiration. He flirts with her because he is a playboy.

Renbutsu Misako as Ushioka Soyoko
The well-bred, cool and beautiful secretary of Sakuragawa Shoko, the head of Samejima-Sakuragawa Law Firm. She is competent and does things at her own pace. She likes Yamada Sota, whom she met at the nursery school which Shoko’s daughter, Hinata, attends.

Arakawa Yoshiyoshi as Hayashi Samao
A close friend of Yamada Sota and a single ‘ikumen’. He acts with a theater company and at the same time raises his daughter. He hangs out at ‘Le Sato’, the set meal diner that Sota works at. He is prejudiced against Ayukawa Wakaba.

Takeuchi Riki as Hanamura Hitoshi
The head of Mitsuba no Mori Nursery School which Sakuragawa Shoko’s daughter, Hinata, and Yamada Sota’s Bitaro attend. He is an educator who promotes ‘doronko education’ for children hwere they are free to get muddy and roam about. He looks fierce but has a gentle personality.

Yakushimaru Hiroko as Sakuragawa Shoko
A shrewd, charismatic lawyer and the head of Samejima-Sakuragawa Law Firm where Ayukawa Wakaba works. She is divorced and completely leaves child-rearing to other people even though she dotes on her 5-year-old daughter, Hinata.

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