Hanawake no Yonshimai


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Sundays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 10 July 2011


The four Hanawa sisters, who were brought up by a father immensely popular with women and a mother wholeheartedly into her husband, all have no luck with men. Among them, Takemi, the second daughter, has acquired the nickname “male killer” and is a troublemaker who keeps on getting divorced. What should have been her third marriage that day fails, and she returns to her parents’ home with 3 children in tow. While her mother, Sachiko tries to give her a warm welcome, her unmarried elder sister, Fujiko; third sister, Sakurako, who is searching for a marriage partner; and youngest sister, Ume, who has no boyfriend, call her names such as ‘evil woman’, ‘Hanawa family’s embarrassment’ and oppose living together with her. However, Takemi is perfectly unconcerned with her sisters jeers and becomes a receptionist at the company where Sakurako works as a temporary staff. When this is discovered, Sakurako is shocked. Takemi turns away visitors as she likes. Furthermore, the male employees are completely enthralled by her beauty and she immediately wins them over. Sakurako, who has just changed jobs, is afraid of being exposed as Takemi’s younger sister. On the other hand, Takemi realises that a colleague is being sexually harassed and this causes an uproar.

Mizuki Arisa as Hanawa Takemi
The second daughter of the Hanawa family. Age: 31. “Male killer Takemi”. A woman who is always popular with man although her marriages have repeatedly ended in failure. She had a shotgun marriage at 20, then divorced at 23. Half a year later, she remarried, but divorced again at 30. She is a single mother of three children and takes after her father in her creed of ‘no excuses’. Her looks and behaviour are easily misunderstood, but there is actually a virtuous, pure-hearted side of her too.

Kichise Michiko as Hanawa Fujiko
The eldest daughter of the Hanawa family. Age: 32. “Invincible Fujiko”. The deputy editor of the fashion magazine, ‘with’. A career woman who has risen through the ranks of a male world, she is feared by male subordinates because she stands out above the rest for her ability to plan, execute and lead. She thinks of starting a business in the future, but there is also a side of her that admires ordinary housewives. However, she is terrible at being coquettish and poor at romance because her pride gets in the way.

Kanjiya Shihori as Hanawa Sakurako
The third daughter of the Hanawa family. Age: 28. “Soul searching Sakurako”. An office lady who works at a wig maker, ‘Hair Peace’. She is unable to express her thoughts because of the influence of the many personalities around her. She socialises with a number of men, but is particularly vulnerable to aggressive, confident men and cannot turn them down when she is asked out. A good-natured, trusting person of firm character. Her dream is to get married and become a full-time housewife.

Kawashima Umika as Hanawa Ume
The youngest daughter of the Hanawa family. Age: 19. ‘Super late bloomer Ume’. A second year student at Hinode Art University’s drama department and a member of the sculpture club. She has been the one made to do things for her older sisters since childhood, and was allocated their hand-me-downs. Her quiet personality is perhaps an obstacle as she has no experience in love. She appears to have learnt from the negative examples set by her older sisters, for she is a neat freak and has a very critical side too.

Kato Shigeaki as Mashiko Shozaburo
A handsome, freelance cameraman who works at Hanawa Fujiko’s magazine. He has had experience with 500 women and is used to handling them. While on a shoot, he meets Sakurako through a strange turn of events and gets involved with her.

Endo Kenichi as Hanawa Daigo
He plays the role of a stubborn father and family man, but he is actually quite a cassanova. His favourite phrase is, “I’m not having an affair”. However, he is in fact a habitual offender although he absolutely adores his wife and daughters.

Miyazaki Yoshiko as Hanawa Sachiko
She loves her husband, Hanawa Daigo, more than her daughters and believes that she is loved. Although she was raised as the only daughter of a family with a long and distinguished history, she fell in love wih her childhood friend, Daigo, when she was 19 and eloped at 22. She has only loved him ever since. She understands her reckless second daughter, Takemi, very well.

Tanaka Tetsushi as Yamane Katsuhiko
Hanawa Takemi’s second ex-husband. He met Takemi when he was poor. They fell in love, got married and even had children. Their family of four lived happily, however, he did not believe Takemi, who held court with the people among her, and their marriage ended in divorce. After that, he successfully developed software and is now the president of an IT company. But he is not able to forget his ex-wife … …

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  1. ennie says:

    That wedding dress on Arisa at the press conference…hahaha

  2. ThundeR says:

    I wonder if anyone will share links of the drama…??

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