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In 1996, a first grade elementary school girl was murdered. The victim was Fukami Hiroki’s younger sister, Aki. On that day, Hiroki had been asked by their mother, Kyoko, to look after Aki. However, he did not keep his word and while he was hanging out with his friends, Aki was killed by someone. Hiroki’s friend, Misaki Fumiya, turned out to be the criminal. The lost of their beloved daughter caused the Fukami family to break up afterward. Hiroki, who lived with his father, Tatsuhiko, kept on blaming himself for what had happened. On the other hand, the assailant’s family tried to live quietly and discreetly after the incident. But they had to keep moving time and again because they were harassed, their whereabouts was given away by someone. Then, 15 years later, Hiroki encounters a girl he should not have met. She is Toyama Futaba, the younger sister of Fumiya. Through this meeting, the broken families find hope to overcome the tragedy … …

Eita as Fukami Hiroki
His family broke down after his younger sister was killed. He now runs ‘Fukami’, a fishing boat shop with his father, and leads a dreary life everyday. He feels remorse for not having taken care of his sister like he had promised their mother, and for his own friend being the criminal. He begins to change after meeting Toyama Futaba.

Mitsushima Hikari as Toyama (Misaki) Futaba
Her older brother, Kenji, committed a murder when she was an elementary student. Because she loves her family, she is willing to make sacrifices such as nursing her bedridden grandmother. She meets the victim’s brother, Fukami Hiroki and develops special feelings for him.

Kazama Shunsuke as Amemiya Kenji (Misaki Fumiya)
Toyama Futaba’s older brother. He had been Fukami Hiroki’s friend during their junior high school days. He was sent to a juvenile corrective institution after he murdered Hiroki’s sister, Aki. After leaving the institution, he goes to live with Kusama Goro, whose family is a fruit grower.

Tokito Saburo as Misaki Shunsuke
Toyama Futaba’s father. A man formerly among the elite. Believing that it would be better living under a different surname, he officially divorced his wife, Takami, in order to protect the family, and repeatedly moved from one place to another. But the incident is leaked by someone.

Fubuki Jun as Toyama Takami
She divorced husband and changed her surname after the incident. She is a mother who believes in family ties, but agonises over the harassment.

Emoto Akira as Fukami Tatsuhiko
Fukami Hiroki’s father. A devoted family man. His awkwardness caused the breakdown of the family after Aki’s death. He continues to cling to the incident even after 15 years.

Otake Shinobu as Nomoto (Fukami) Kyoko
Fukami Hiroki’s mother. Hating her husband, she divorced him after their daughter’s death. She and her second son, Kohei, live with the Higaki family, which Kohei had married into.

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  1. ennie says:

    The first episode was pretty good, not to the level of “Mother:, but still some solid writing. I have a little problem watching the show because I recently watched the movie Akunin, so scenes with both Mitsushima Hikari and Emoto Akira present kind of distracts me from everything else. I’ll be looking forward to the next episode.

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