Jin Season 2 – Episode 10 Synopsis

Episode 10: The end of the time slip


Ryoma is finally slashed just like in the events in history. Higashi, who had been trying to protect him from Kyotaro and other assassins, had in the next instant slashed his forehead with the blade of his sword. He declares that this had been his intention right from the start when he got close to Ryoma. Ryoma had made himself his enemy by killing his older brother. In spite of the deep gash on his forehead, Ryoma does not believe that Higashi had meant harm, otherwise Higashi would not have continued to protect him up to this point. Jin scrambles to shield Ryoma and Higashi disappears. Shortly after Ryoma loses consciousness.

Jin prepares himself for a major surgery with the help of Saki and Saburi. Ryoma has a depressed skull fracture acute subdural haemorrhage, and suspected traumatic subarachnoid bleeding. Jin had pledged that Ryoma will not die if he is around. Will he be able to fulfill his promise to save him?

The surgery begins. Jin cuts open the dura, and removes crushed brain tissue and blood clots. But as he moves to make an incision in Ryoma’s femoral region, he is suddenly seized by such a severe headache that he is unable to stand up and continue the procedure. A worried Saburi volunteers to take over and follow his instructions. The surgery goes well, but it will take time for the swelling in the brain will go down. Until then, Ryoma has to be put on an artificial respirator.

Four days go by. Jin, Saburi and Saki have been struggling to do whatever they can with the help of Otose, the proprietress of Teradaya. Ryoma’s condition slowly takes a turn for the better and he starts breathing on his own. From that time on, a hopeful Jin keeps talking to Ryoma about the future, describing technological advances that would enable mobile phones, the short message service, bullet trains and aeroplanes. At that moment, Ryoma’s eyes open and he talks of the strange images he had seen while in a coma. If that is the world that Jin lives in, he would like to travel to the future. Jin is overcome with joy to see that Ryoma has finally regained consciousness.

“Do you remember the time when I was treating cholera?
You brought a patient when no one would believe me.
The situation turned in my favour because of that.
When there wasn’t sufficient money for the penicillin, you were also the one who carried back a box of 1,000 ryo.
That taught me what true ability to take action is, Ryoma-san
You’re a good friend and bad company.
You were my hero.”

Ryoma lifts himself up to a sitting position. But right after that, he experiences breathing difficulties which Jin diagnoses as the result of pulmonary embolism. Ryoma’s pulse and blood pressure have also started dropping. Saki hurriedly comes over with an ambu bag and laryngeal mask. However, Ryoma stretches out his hand to stop her and instead asks Jin if he has created a country in which kind people of integrity like Jin live. When Jin gives him a tearful affirmative reply, he closes his eyes with a smile … … Jin desperately performs cardiac massage as he tells a lifeless Ryoma what would happen following his death and tries to summon him back to life. But his efforts are in vain.

That morning, Higashi is found to have committed ritual suicide by the river bank. Learning about this, Saigo speculates that Higashi probably safeguarded what Ryoma had created by killing Ryoma when he realised he could no longer protect him and claiming that this was to avenge his brother’s death. If Ryoma had been slain by people from the Tokugawa faction, it would have meant that the shogun did not truly mean to restore imperial rule. Then what Ryoma had accomplished would have come to naught. He declares to Okubo that he does not intend to carry on Ryoma’s wishes, but will do things his way.

Jin, Saki and Saburi return to Edo to find Jinyudo’s entrance boarded up and covered in graffitti. At that same moment, Yamada and the other doctors appear. Jin immediately notices the faint bruises on his face and grows more alarmed. They learn that while they were away in Kyoto, Jinyudo was accused by five doctors of teaching a bogus method of making penicillin which resulted in the death of 13 patients. Furthermore, Yamada had been imprisoned in place of Jin.

Fortunately, Matsumoto and Taki had sensed a whiff of a conspiracy similar to the incident involving Princess Kazunomiya. Their suspicion that the culprit was a doctor of the inner palace or someone with a similar social position who hate Jin, was reinforced by Suzuya’s remark about a doctor called Misumi. Misumi had been disgraced by Jin when he failed to detect Nokaze’s tumour during a physical examination requested by a man who wanted to redeem her from Yoshiwara.

At Katsu’s suggestion, Matsumoto had spread a rumour which he made sure Misumi heard. Misumi was later caught in the act of trying to poison the doctors that had accused Jinyudo. If he had succeeded in his scheme to frame Jinyudo, the clinic would have been destroyed and Jin sentenced to death as a criminal upon his return.

Jin, who had already reached the conclusion that he was not only unable to save people in the Edo era but had also turned fate upside down, listens with a pained expression on his face. This event seems to confirm his belief that he is a jinx.

To the shock of everyone at Jinyudo, Jin abrupted announces that he wishes to wind up Jinyudo. Things would not have turned out the way they are now if he had not come here, he muses. Moreover, he has a rather advanced stage of brain tumour that would make it difficult for the clinic to continue. However, none of the doctors would abide by his decision. Saki urges Jin to teach them everything he knows.

Later that day, Jin meets Kyotaro, who beseeches Jin not to talk about what he had seen him do for the sake of Saki and his mother. Jin in turn tells him about Ryoma’s last words and earnest wish to create a country which the dead would want to be born in again. He urges Kyotaro to bear this in mind and to face forward.

After this, Jin continues at Jinyudo while giving lectures at the Institute of Western Medicine and the Tokugawa government’s medical school at the request of Matsumoto and Taki.

Jin has grown certain that the unidentified patient who was brought to the hospital for emergency treatment in the present day was himself, and that the tumour, if left alone, will cause his death. He decides that he should teach everything he knows while he is alive so that live-saving techniques would be imprinted in the minds of the doctors. Then, he hears Ryoma’s voice say an emphatic yes to his thoughts. Taken aback, Jin turns in its direction and sees that deformed foetus! Its eyes open, and at that same moment, Jin experiences a headache.

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