Shin Keishichou Sousa Ikka 9-gakari Season 3


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Wednesdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 6 July 2011

TV Asahi

Aoyagi Yasushi becomes the chief detective at the First Investigative Division’s Ninth Sub-division which Kano Rintaro heads. The former chief detective, Murase Kengo, had been promoted to lead the Fourteenth Sub-division. One day, the murdered body of Mizushima Akemi, a Ginza hostess, is found. According to Akemi’s ex-husband, Mitake Toshiyuki, Akemi had previously committed shoplifting and that had been the reason for their divorce. Mitake’s mother, who detested Akemi, had fought for custody of their son but Akemi was promised that if she gained financial muscle, she could take back the boy. Akemi had said to Mitake that she would soon receive a sizeable sum of money. What did she mean by that? At that moment, Kano takes notice of the record of an interrogation relating to the murder of a drug dealer that Murase is investigating. Before long, it is determined that Akemi was an eyewitness in that murder case, but … …

Watase Tsunehiko as Kano Rintaro
The head of the First Investigative Division’s Ninth Sub-division. An eccentric who is called “as useful as a lamp in broad daylight”, “elusive, sly old man” by his subordinates. His speech and behaviour are often inscrutable, and he is perceived to be “an officer in command who doesn’t investigate” and goes traipsing around, but it is later learnt that he has his own reasons for those actions. He married the daughter of his boss, and they had a child, but eventually divorced because he was preoccupied with investigations. After that, his ex-wife passed away and he was regarded with hostility by his grown-up daughter, Ishikawa Michiko. They finally reconciled recently but still keep their distance … …

Inohara Yoshihiko as Asawa Naoki
A detective in the First Investigative Division’s Ninth Sub-division. A young detective of the Ninth Sub-division who is partnered with Kano Rintaro. Although Asawa’s appearance and behaviour are those of young people today, he actually has a stronger sense of justice than others and loathes dishonesty. He was selected by the First Investigative Division in his 20s because of his intellect and athletic ability. He is dating Kano’s daughter, Michiko, and is at the mercy of the delicate and complicated father-daughter relationship.

Hada Michiko as Komiyama Shiho
A detective in the First Investigative Division’s Ninth Sub-division. The only female in the sub-division, but she most despises being treated as such. She is not outdone by men and plays tough in this male-dominated society, but when she became aware of it, she was over 30. She single-mindedly keeps running because if she comes to a stop, she will have regrets when she looks back at her life. Having failed at love several times, she has now given up on marriage and appears to have prepared herself to live for her work?!

Nakagoshi Noriko as Ishikawa Michiko
Kano Rintaro’s biological daughter. She had a favourable impression of Asawa Naoki when she met him. However, she detests police officers because her father had caused her late mother to suffer. This is the reason why she uses her mother’s surname. Although she has since reconciled with her father, she still keeps her distance. As a patissier, her long-cherished dream to have her own shop in Tokyo has come true and she is increasingly busy. Will this affect her progress with Naoki?

Fukikoshi Mitsuru as Aoyagi Yasushi
The newly promoted chief detective in the First Investigative Division’s Ninth Sub-division. A rebellious spirit and a cynic who detests the rich and upper-class. He thinks of himself as a perfectionist, but his lifestyle is rather awkward because of his many hang ups. He regards the younger Murase Kengo with hostility, and comes across as an adversarial man. He lives with his girlfriend, Kakiuchi Taeko, whom he had saved from stimulant addiction by the mafia.

Taguchi Hiromasa as Yazawa Hideaki
A detective in the First Investigative Division’s Ninth Sub-division. He is an excellent partner to the eccentric Aoyagi Yasushi because he accepts him with characteristic magnanimity. At times playing the role of listener and sandbag, while at other times sharply rebuking him for his behaviour. His wife, Yazawa Sanae, is a popular manga artist, but has returned to her home town because of their ailing oldest son. So he miserably lives alone.

Tsuda Kanji as Murase Kengo
The newly promoted head of the First Investigative Division’s Fourteenth Sub-division. However, lady luck does not smile that easily. After graduation from university, he joined the Metropolitan Police Department as a non-career officer and is a cocky man who believes without a doubt that he is more capable than the career officers. An elite detective who is smart, has strict morals and never makes mistakes no matter what he does. He appears to be completely preoccupied with career advancement, but is in fact, a passionate detective on the inside.

Hara Sachie as Hayasagawa Masumi
A medical examiner who works at the Kanto Medical Examiners’ Office, and a professional with dead bodies. A forensic pathologist who changed jobs from a university forensic laboratory in her quest for clinical cases. However, she is an eccentric who places more emphasis on communication with the dead rather than with living human beings. She sometimes goes for drinks with Komiyama Shiho, but mistakenly thinks that Shiho and Murase Kengo are in love?!

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