Fuji TV Drama Specials 2011 (May)

Asami Mitsuhiko Series ~ Kireijima
Date: From 9.00 p.m., 6 & 7 May 2011
Cast: Nakamura Shunsuke, Minamino Yoko, Hoshino Mari, Hidari Tonpei, Koyama Shigeru, Takizawa Yumi, Otaki Hideji, Enoki Takaaki, Nogiwa Yoko
Synopsis: The story began when travel writer Asami Mitsuhiko (Nakamura Shunsuke) and his mother, Yukie (Nogiwa Yoko) came to Hirado in Nagasaki prefecture on a trip. However, one month later, the body of Ushiroguchi Yoshishige (Hidari Tonpei), retired, former detective of the Nagasaki Prefectural Police who had been their guide, is found along the coast of Shirowa in Omaezaki, Shizuoka prefecture. Asami learns from Shinohara Masako (Minamino Yoko), a high school teacher in Hirado who had introduced him to Ushiroguchi, that her father, Kazuyoshi (Katsuno Hiroshi), had been a miner at Gunkanjima (Hashima). It was decided that Gunkanjima would be abandoned. A typhoon on the day of a ceremony to relocate the shrine to mark the closing of the mine had put Kazuyoshi’s pregnant wife, Kiko (Miyazaki Yoshiko) at risk of imminent miscarriage. Then, a Self-Defense Forces helicopter had appeared. She was transported to a hospital at Sasebo and Masako was born. Masako was the last baby of Gunkanjima. The day after Masako was almost miscarried, the dead body of Awa Miyaji of Hashima Shrine, which had held the ceremony, was discovered near Nakanoshima. There is a connection between Awa Miyaji’s death and the helicopter search, and this has something to do with Ushiroguchi. Asami alights from the Shinoharas boat at Nakanoshima. Then, he is attacked by someone … …
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Yo ni mo Kimyouna Monogatari 21-seiki 21-nen me no Tokubetsuhen
Date: From 9.00 p.m., 14 May 2011
Cast: Omori Nao, Anne, Sakaguchi Kenji, Nonami Maho, Nagasaku Hiromi, Matsudaira Ken, Yamamoto Yusuke
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Keiji Narusawa Ryo 2 ~ Itsuwari no Seibo
Date: From 9.00 p.m., 20 May 2011
Cast: Sakaguchi Kenji, Katsuji Ryo, Tanaka Yoji, Katase Rino, Hamada Mari, Ishibashi Ryo, Otaki Hideji, Daichi Mao
Synopsis: Narusawa Ryo (Sakaguchi Kenji) is an outstanding detective with the Niigata Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division, but he has been given hell by Saeki Kiko (Katase Rino) due to his tendency to disregard the orders of his superiors and conduct aggressive investigations. Ryo’s father, Muneharu, is the head of criminal investigations at the Niigata Prefectural Police. In fact, three generations of his family have been police officers. One day, Oshima Yoichi, an influential prefectural assembly member, is murdered. Ryo begins investigating the case with his partner, Onishi Kai. They obtain eyewitness statements that Oshima had fought with Hiranuma, the director of Hidamari Academy. Hidamari Academy is an orphanage which was set up by the Niigata prefectural governor, Osanai Kiyomi (Daichi Mao) and there are rumours that Oshima had abused his own daughter. Furthermore, it also turns out that he belonged to the faction that is against the governor. Then, Hiranuma is killed. Because both men held a doll and baseball in their hands, Ryo is convinced that the incidents are serial murders, the academy is the cause and it is linked to the mysterious past of the governor. However, Ryo’s claim calling for further investigation into Hidamari Academy is dismissed, and he senses a cover up by the police … …!
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