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Hanawa Keiichiro is a blind teacher in charge of students in the third year of Tomaru Junior High School. It is a few weeks before Sports Day and the students are diligent in their practice, but apprehensive about the inter-class relay. It is thought that they will not be able to win it because of the big-sized Kondo Kyoichi. However, Mizuho proposes a morning workout and the entire class reluctantly train. There is also an obstacle course which the teachers are participating in at the Sports Day. However, Keiichiro is made to withdraw because he is blind. He is disappointed but secretly starts to train for the obstacle course. Meanwhile, Mizu sprains her ankle during a practice for the relay. Then, Sports Day arrives. Keiichiro is not supposed to participate in the obstacle course, but he brushes aside the opposition of the people around him. He ends up coming in last. However, his students are moved by his perseverance and decide to run with Mizuho regardless of the outcome.

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Hanawa Keiichiro
A Japanese language teacher in charge of the third-year students of Class 3 at Tomaru Junior High School in Shizuoka. He lives with his wife, Sachie, and their son. He had been a junior high school teacher in Tokyo, but completely lost his sight due to an illness. Forced to resign, he fell into despair. However, he learnt that there are many blind teachers and returns to the profession in his wife’s hometown of Shizuoka. Having gone through difficulties, the importance of love that Keiichiro teaches students about comes from his own experience.

Tomita Yasuko as Hanawa Sachie
Keiichiro’s wife. She cheerfully and brightly supports her husband who has lost his vision. She introduced Keiichiro to her former junior high school teacher, Hanamura Akiyoshi, creating the opportunity for him to resume his teaching career.

Murakawa Eri as Shintani Kyoko
Assistant homeroom teacher. She was originally slated to be the homeroom teacher of the class which Keiichiro is in charge of but because she lost the position, she didn’t acknowledge Keiichiro and adopted a cold attitude but … was won over by his passion for teaching.

Saigo Teruhiko as Hanamura Akiyoshi
Hanawa Sachie’s former teacher in junior high school. He is now the principal of Tomaru Junior High School. He wanted Keiichiro to solve problems such as bullying and classroom chaos with his own style and accepted him as a teacher.

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  1. Lee says:

    Hi, I was Woundering if anyone could tell me where I could find this drama to watch it. I really want to watch it but I don’t know where I can find so that I can watch or buy it. If anyone can tell me whwre ro find this drama , that would be a great help. Thank you.

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