Kazoku Houtei


Official Website

Wednesdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 27 April 2011

BS Asahi

Onodera Tatsuhiko is a judge. He metes out justice, mediates in disputes and admonishes people about their way of life. Tatsuhiko, who feels that this venerable profession is just like an appraisal of human beings, is a workaholic by nature. He would bring piles of documents back home and spend day and night on work without drawing a line between his public and private life. So he has not concerned himself about his family and it is only with the support of his wife that birthdays were possible. “Coffee, dear. … Dear?” He calls out to his wife, Sachiko, like always, but there is no response. Sachiko had passed away last month. With the lost of his wife, he realises for the first time how much he has not faced his family. There is his eldest daughter, Kumi, conspicuous for her spontaneity; his second daughter, Tomoko, who has desperately been spouse hunting to escape life on the shelf; his youngest child, Yoshihiro, who knows how to swim with the tide; Kumi’s good-for-nothing husband, Kenichi, who does not have much of a presence, and his two grandchildren. With the death of Sachiko who had skillfully held this family together, there is no family cohesiveness. The messages that Tatsuhiko leaves in their mobile phones go unanswered. “I wish to get on well with everyone from now on,” Tatsuhiko decides to shed his workaholic ways and try to reestablish family ties. But even a professional judge cannot preside over his own family in an orderly fashion. Then, Okumura Saeko, the newly hired housekeeper, arrives at the Onodera residence. She is a brusque woman, but small signs of change start to appear at the household from that day on … …

* Nagatsuka Kyozo as Onodera Tatsuhiko
* Mimura as Okumura Saeko
* TETSUYA as Onodera Yoshihiro
* Iwasaki Hiromi as Onodera Tomoko
* Matsunaga Reiko as Kuwashima Kumi
* Rokaku Seiji as Kuwashima Kenichi

Click here for pictures from the press conference.

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