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Fridays, 12.20 – 12.50 a.m. from 22 April 2011


Houkigi Shio runs ‘Green’, an aromatherapy esthe salon, and also hires four handsome guys – Tamabuki Gai (Gai), Futaba Ran (Ran), Hayashida Rindo (Linda) and Makomo Shuji (Mashu) – for ‘Striped Sheep’, which is a sleep companionship service where males are dispatched to share a bed with female insomniacs. One day, 29-year-old Yamamoto Yuriko, an office lady who is engaged to marry, comes to Shio. She had been introduced by a friend who suffers from insomnia. She first says that she would like a trial and asks for sleep companionship. Shio dispatches Gai to Yuriko’s room. Knowing that that day is Yuriko’s birthday, Gai directs the light up of candles in the shape of a cake in order to make her happy, but Yuriko bursts into anger when she sees it … …

Yada Akiko as Houkigi Shio
The owner of the aromatherapy esthe salon, ‘Green’. She also runs ‘Striped Sheep’ (commonly called ‘Sheep’) which provides sleep companionship as side business. She is competent in her work but suffers from insomnia because her shock divorce and the salon’s loan is on her mind. This is kept a secret from the employees of Sheep. She is popular because she is a beauty, but she still cannot take the step towards another relationship because she is unable to forget her ex-husband Tamabuki Hibiki.

Miura Shohei as Tamabuki Gai (Gai)
The younger brother of Houkigi Shio’s ex-husband and currently a university student. His innocence offers comfort to his sleep companions. He loathes the strong arm of his father who is a hotelier, and is unable to determine his life. He fusses about preventing his older brother, Hibiki, and Shio from meeting. However, as he works as an employee of Sheep, he becomes increasingly aware of Shio as a woman.

Kikuta Daisuke as Futaba Ran (Ran)
The peacemaker among the employees of Sheep. Because he is good at cooking he helps out at ‘Futaba’, the pub which his older brother runs, in addition to his job of providing sleep companionship. A mature guy who is self-composed, he later develops a rivalry with Tamabuki Gai over Houkigi Shio.

Suzuki Katsuhiro as Hayashida Rindo (Linda)
A science and technology student who is the most talkative and fashion conscious among the four Sheep employees. It is hard for him to limit himself to a specific female, but when he starts an apprenticeship under the art director, Shoko, who is one of Sheep’s clients, he soon becomes aware of true love.

Fukushi Sota as Makomo Shuji (Mashu)
A taciturn university student who loves literature and has set his sights on being a playwright. He speaks seriously and his talk also tends to be boring. However, he lulls female clients to sleep with a relaxed atmosphere and a soothing voice. He has the least complaints among the four employees of Sheep.

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