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Shiratori Azusa is the only child of the owner of a small female pro wrestling group called Shiratori Pro Wrestling. Her father dies of illness and while the players – Uonuma Mai, Muko Aoi, Hoshi Kaoru and Sudo Tsukasa are observing the 49th day after his death, both the players of the rival pro wrestling group, Aoibara-gun, and their manager, Gohara Koji, appear at the training hall. Gohara thinks of pro wrestling as a business and although he had broken away from Shiratori Pro Wrestling, he intends to disqualify this small group which continues to be in the red and has nothing but players who are write-offs. Azusa and the others are enraged and end up scuffling with the Aoibara-gun. Azusa wishes to keep the group going, but in reality, it is mired in debt. On the day of the match that was to be their final on the circuit, even Yoshida the referee runs away. On this day, Yo Jiho, a famous star in South Korea who has come to Japan to act in a Japan-South Korea joint blockbuster movie, is walking on the streets alone. Jiho was raised single-handedly by his mother, Lee Sunjae, but she left behind clues that she might be in Tokyo, and disappeared. He has escaped from Kurogane Nobuhiro, the president of the talent agency which has imposed a busy schedule on him every day, and gone in pursuit of his mother’s trail. Then, he encounters Azusa who mistakes him for the similar-looking Yoshida and beseeches him to be her impromptu referee … …

Ichikawa Yui as Shiratori Azusa
The only child of the owner of the female pro wrestling group called Shiratori Pro Wrestling. She struggles to pull the foundering group together, in place of her father who has died of an illness. She asks a Korean youth, Yo Jiho, whom she happened to encounter on the streets, to be her referee without knowing that he is actually a famous South Korean star. After that, she joins forces with Jiho and takes on matches with a strong rival group.

Lee Hong Ki as Yo Jiho
He is approached on the streets by Shiratori Azusa and becomes her impromptu referee. In reality, he is a famous star in South Korea.

Mikami Kensei as Gohara Koji
The manager of the pro wrestling group Aoibara-gun. He plans to shut down Shiratori Pro Wrestling and expand his business.

Aya Vanessa as Uonuma Mai
The leader of the wrestlers of Shiratori Pro Wrestling.

Kuwano Nobuyoshi as Kurogane Nobuhiro
The president of a talent agency. He hopes to bring back Yo Jiho who has gone missing.

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