Shiawase ni Narou yo


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Mondays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 18 April 2011

Fuji TV

Takakura Junpei is an adviser at the marriage agency, B-ring. He is a go-between whose conviction is that “true romance has to blossom between two people even if they meet at a marriage agency”, and prides himself on a zero divorce rate. One day, Yanagisawa Haruna, an exquisitely beautiful lady who works at a prestigious company, comes to B-ring. Junpei’s junior, Sakuragi Marika finds it strange that such a lovely lady would come to a marriage agency and has her doubts from the outset. When Junpei attends to Haruna, she specifies a reasonable condition that any person who can provide her with a comfortable life is fine. He immediately asks her to leave. This is how their encounter starts out. It comes at a time when he has just been hit hard by the marriage of a girlfriend he used to date to a friend of his. However, the next day, Haruna visits the B-ring to return a borrowed pen to Junpei. As a result of that, she gets officially registered with the agency. Junpei promptly introduces Haruna to a member who is right for her. However, the man is intimidated by her beauty and flees. Anxious for Haruna, Junpei reluctantly invites her on a simulated date in order to rehearse for a “correct date”, but realises that he had truly enjoyed the moment. When he visits with the complaint of a toothache for the first time in ages, his good friend, the dentist Ueno Takao, mocks him that the toothache is proof of the start of a romance. At that moment, a man named Yashiro Hidehiko comes to B-ring. His wedding ceremony has just ended and he is a man with a pregnant wife, so what is the reason for his visit? Marika, who is suspicious of Haruna’s background, begins to secretly check up on her personal history. What exactly is Haruna’s true motive? And alarming feelings for Haruna begin to grow in Junpei’s heart … …

Katori Shingo as Takakura Junpei
An adviser at the marriage agency, B-ring. He has brought many couples together as the “man who sells happiness”. He always treats his clients with
warmth and achieves results with a variety of romance techniques and theories learned through self-study.

Kuroki Meisa as Yanagisawa Haruna
A woman who possesses both beauty and intelligence. She hopes to sign up with B-ring. There is a reason, which she cannot speak of to anyone, for her visit to the marriage agency.

Fujiki Naohito as Yashiro Hidehiko
A hotshot lawyer who is wealthy and handsome. He is a perfect man, well-liked by men and and loved by women. However, he has in fact committed an irreversible mistake and comes to B-ring.

Naka Riisa as Sakuragi Marika
Takakura Junpei’s junior at B-ring. She is very popular with male clients because she is cute and sexy. She is emotionally dependent and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is currently crazy about Junpei, but he does not pick up the signs.

Takahata Atsuko as Takahara Sanae
Yanagisawa Haruna’s mother. She divorced Yanagisawa Shogo and left home, but is always worried about Haruna and Yuji.

Kobayashi Kaoru as Yanagisawa Shogo
Yanagisawa Haruna’s father. The ex-president of an apparel company A divorcee. He himself has a major problem.

Harada Mieko as Takakura Mitsue
Takakura Junpei’s mother. A spirited woman who raised Junpei singlehandedly after her husband passed away.


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