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Two years ago, the Special Crimes Unit which Osawa Eriko headed, was embroiled in corruption and disbanded. Eriko had taken responsibility and decided to go to America. When she was at the airport and about to set off, she had received a call from Nodate Shinjiro, the founder of the Special Crimes Unit who is both her contemporary and superior. He says Black Moon, the anti-government organisation, has claimed that the head of the police organisation, Chairman Kurohara Kenzo of the National Public Safety Commission, will be the next target of a sniper attack. Furthermore, there is a high possibility that he will be targeted at an event being held today. Nodate orders Eriko to rush over because he has made the members of the unit head to the venue, and she agrees. At the same moment, Takakura Ryuhei, one of the leaders of Black Moon whom the Special Crimes Unit had arrested, escapes while under escort. Arriving at the event venue, Eriko tells Kurohara to evacuate with her, but he is composed and unyielding. As the head of the police, he cannot run away. Meanwhile, Kimoto Mami discovers a time bomb at a building behind the venue and starts to dispose of it. Katagiri Takuma, Yamamura Keisuke, Hanagata Ippei and Iwai Zenji split up to get the people to safety and search for suspicious individuals. While this is going on, Mami reports to Eriko that she has finished dismantling the bomb. However, when she takes a closer look at it, she realises that it is a fake bomb. Then, at that moment, Eriko detects the reflection of a gun’s scope. She stretches over Kurohara, but he is shot in the back. Katagiri receives Eriko’s report and rushes over to the place where the gun was fired. However, the gunman has already disappeared. After that, a seriously injured Kurohara is forced to resign. The Special Crimes Unit is disbanded once again to assume responsibility for the shooting and Eriko goes to America. It has been two years since then … … Nodate, who has risen to become the counsellor as a result of the performance of Eriko and the unit, accepts an important case with the intention of securing another promotion. And, he revives the Special Crimes Unit … …

Amami Yuki as Osawa Eriko
The head of the Special Crimes Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division which was revived after two years. After graduating from the faculty of law, she became a career elite with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. She later rose through the ranks and became a superintendent at 35. She is a super woman who has learnt everything about criminal investigation, including profiling and kinesics at the FBI. Two years ago, she built up the Special Crimes Unit, which had been put together with troublemakers, into the best team, and solved many difficult cases. However, she took responsibility for the shooting of the chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, and the unit was disbanded. She went to America after that, but was summoned by Nodate Shinjiro and returns to lead the unit again.

Takenouchi Yutaka as Nodate Shinjiro
A career official in the police nerve centre. He and Osawa Eriko, who joined the Tokyo Metropolitan Police in the same year, were originally active at crime scenes as detectives of the First Investigative Division. However, he set the record for the youngest to ever be promoted as he rapidly advanced. He is now the counsellor. The top brass also recognises his intellect and capability, but on the other hand, he has a weakness for beautiful women, and is always making passes at his targets. He decides to bring back the Special Crimes Unit when a difficult case occurs, and summons Eriko from America. To Eriko, he is someone who understands her well and is her ally, but there are also rumours that he is flirting with her.

Tamayama Tetsuji as Katagiri Takuma
A detective of the Special Crimes Unit which was revived after two years. A detective who is cool and smart at all times, and does not get unduly heated up. He was experienced and skilled, but lost faith in the police organisation as a result of a setback in a case. Through his encounter with Osawa Eriko and the work he did, he regained his morale and became a valuable player on the team. He demonstrates his ability even in the revived unit. He is very popular with females, but is awkward with romance and is also completely hopeless in love.

Narumi Riko as Kurohara Rika
The daughter of Kurohara Kenzo, the former chairman of the National Public Safety Commission. Because she is a math whiz, she went abroad to study at the prestigious MIT, but returned to Japan because of her father’s surgery. She is also well versed in using computers and has won a hacking contest. Even Osawa Eriko has a high opinion of her superior intellect and skills. She hates the Special Crimes Unit which did not save her father two years ago. She has a cool personality and a barbed tongue.

Omori Nao as Morioka Hiroshi
A contemporary of Osawa Eriko and Nodate Shinjiro, and a former detective from the Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division. He now works as a private secretary to a Diet lawmaker. He was an excellent detective and had the trust of Eriko and Nodate in both his public and private life, but was turned off by the organisation and resigned.

Nishida Toshiyuki as Kurohara Kenzo
The former chairman of the National Public Safety Commission. As the head of commission, he had jurisdiction over the police, but two years ago, he was shot by a terrorist. Even though he survived, he was forced to resigned. The Special Crimes Unit which was in charge of the case, was held accountable. Osawa Eriko left for America, Kimoto Mami transferred and the unit was disbanded. Although he loves his daughter, Rika, she is also the source of anxiety because she has grown up and he does not understand her.

Hasegawa Kyoko as Tadokoro Sachiko
A detective assigned to the Special Crimes Unit. She was transferred from the National Research Institute of Police Science to fill the void left by Kimoto Mami who had been a pro at scientific criminal investigation. She is exceptionally competent, but because she has problems communicating, she was treated as a burden at the institute. Maybe these circumstances are the reason why she hides her beauty with conservative dressing and spectacles. She is a married woman with two children. When evening comes, she would say, “The supermarket is closing” and leave, but no one knows the true reason.

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5 Responses to Boss Season 2

  1. Georgiana says:

    Where’s Erika?! T___T

    • Sona05 says:

      I think she might not be in this season anymore : (! probably in few episodes, and then no more erika, as kimoto! the best character from this show, I can’t believe they planning to remove her just like that….

  2. YUME says:

    gosh.. i watched the first ep and a hint of kimoto/toda erika leaving the show is really mortifying. i agree i liked her character the best.. She has a promising character development from season one… so sad :< i wish they retain her~~

    • Sona05 says:

      T_____________T! I know! at first I thought they were planning to make her seem like something had happened to her, and then she makes a grand entrance, but the preview wrecks it all! I also noticed she wasn’t on any of the posters, which I thought it was weird! why wouldn’t she be on any of the posters?!!!! I hope they plan to keep her, i think a lot of fans would be disappointed, your so right about the promising character development from season one!!!

  3. bjorn says:

    Hey guys,

    Do know if there will be season 3?

    Loved this show from episode 1 ! 🙂

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