Madonna Verde ~ Musume no Tame ni Umu Koto


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Tuesdays, 10.00 – 10.48 p.m. from 19 April 2011


“Mum, can you bear my child for me?” 55-year-old Yamazaki Midori is asked by her only daughter, Sonezaki Rie, a gynecologist. Rie is asking for a surrogate pregnancy because she had had her womb removed due to an illness. However, surrogate pregnancy has still not gained official acceptance in Japan. Midori rejects her daughter once, but finally accepts the idea despite her hesitation. At the Maria Clinic where Rie provides consultations, she substitutes for her frail director, Saegusa Maria, and secretly implants eggs fertilised by her husband Shinichiro in Midori’s womb. The surgery is a success and the embryo starts to grow in her mother’s womb. Midori becomes one of the clinic’s last pregnant women together with Aoi Yumi and others. However, the midwife, Myoko Misuzu, is suspicious of this pregnancy and questions Rie. Meanwhile, Maruyama Satoshi, who has a crush on Midori, ends up stumbling upon the secret surrogate pregnancy. In addition, an anonymous, explosive letter is delivered to the university hospital where Rie works. It says, “Dr Rie is pursuing surrogate pregnancy at Maria Clinic.” Associate Professor Kiyokawa Goro begins to investigate. Mother and daughter are beleaguered. They try to protect the secret but it touches off a spat between the two of them. And so begins a confrontation over who is the mother of the child Midori is expecting … …!

Matsuzaka Keiko as Yamazaki Midori
Her husband passed away early and she raised their daughter, Rie, on her own. After Rie gained independence, she lived a relaxed life participating in volunteer work and a gathering of haiku poets. One day, she is asked by her daughter to be a surrogate mother and decides to agree after much worry.

Kuninaka Ryoko as Sonezaki Rie
A gynecologist. She works as an assistant professor at a university hospital and provides consultation at Maria Clinic once every week. Her womb was removed because of an illness in the past, and she plans a surrogate pregnancy with her mother, Midori, carrying her embryos in the womb.

Katagiri Jin as Sonezaki Shinichiro
Sonezaki Rie’s husband. He is away from home, teaching game theory at an American university.

Nagatsuka Kyozo as Maruyama Satoshi
The instructor of the haiku poetry gathering which Yamazaki Midori joins. He likes Midori and proactively pursues her, but he soon realises Midori and Rie’s surrogate pregnancy plan.

Fujimura Shiho as Saegusa Maria
The director of Maria Clinic. A gynecologist whom Sonezaki Rie respects the most. She decides to close her clinic because she is suffering from a serious illness. She is aware of Rie’s surrogate pregnancy plan and supports her.

Shibata Rie as Myoko Misuzu
A midwife who has been with Maria Clinic for 29 years. She is suspicious about the pregnancy of the 55-year-old pregnant Yamazaki Midori, whom Sonezaki Rie brought to the clinic.

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