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After graduation from college, Yuko found work at a home builder. When she was 22, she married Akiyama Takumi, who works for a food manufacturer. Partly because her husband was supportive in household chores, Yuko carried on working after the birth of their son, Kenta, and her days were fulfilling. However, just when had they made a down payment to buy an apartment, Yuko is offered an out-of-town job transfer by her company and forced to leave. She sets her sights on finding another job but is not able to find one so quickly. Takumi advises her that now would be the best time to be there for Kenta and watch him grow up as he will be big in no time. And so, Yuko becomes a full-time housewife. As a result of their move to the new apartment, Kenta starts attending Himawari no Ko Kindergarten which is in the neighbourhood. This is where Yuko makes the acquaintance of fellow mothers, Anno Chihiro who has a child the same age as Kenta, Shindo Mao, Sawada Rikako and Motomiya Reina. She finds it quite disconcerting to mix with them because she has not had full-time housewives around her before. According to Chihiro, there are rules that photographs should not be taken when other children are around and they should not blog. When she is asked out for tea, Yuko inadvertently says, “I think sitting for exams has to do with a parent’s ego,” when asked by Mao about entrance exams. She is warned by Rikako to be mindful because everyone is thinking of the entrance exams, and feels the differences between herself and these mothers who unhesitatingly make their children take exams. One day, Yuko and Kenta are invited to the birthday party for Reina’s daughter, Ayaka, but … …

Anne as Akiyama Yuko
The mother of Kenta. She is a cheerful and frank lady and has a fearless personality. She continued working after marriage and the birth of Kenta, but she was laid off and unwittingly became a full-time housewife. As she interacts with the mothers she had met at the kindergarten, she decides on Kenta’s entrance exams. However, the friction with fellow mothers and the oppressiveness she faces in the world of women, shakes her values for the first time in her life

Ono Machiko as Anno Chihiro
The mother of So. She is a member of the kindergarten staff. Her husband, Hidetaka, is a bank employee. She had moved from place to place as a child because of her father’s job. There was a time when she had, in fact, been Akiyama Yuko’s classmate, and had also been saved from bullying by her. However, Yuko does not remember this. She suffers verbal abuse and insults from her husband at home, but she hides this, and acts bright and cheerful when with fellow mothers.

Kurushina Kana as Shindo Mao
A delinquent mother who had a shotgun wedding with Riku, a truck driver and conceived their daughter, Rara, at the age of 18. They live in the smallest studio apartment in a high-end apartment building which does not fit their stature and are in dire financial straits because of the home loan. However, she is also proud to be able to become a friend of Motomiya Reina whom she adores. Reina also lives in the same apartment building and is known as an amateur model for a magazine for housewives.

Ryo as Sawada Rikako
The mother of Kaito and Sorato. She runs an online shop for baby products and is the only one among the mothers who is working. Her husband, Kei, is 12 years her junior and used to be a popular model. 11-year-old Sorato is her son with her first husband. She dispassionately watches the fellow mothers from the sidelines.

Kimura Yoshino as Motomiya Reina
The mother of Ayaka. She is from a well known private elementary school that allowed her to advance all the way to university without taking entrance exams. Her husband Koji is known as the hotshot president of a total wedding business which he made successful in one generation. After the entrance exam that Ayaka was made to take for a prestigious kindergarten ends in failure, Reina firmly decides that Ayaka cannot fail the elementary school exams and takes her daughter to the cram school run by the famous Togo Yuriko.

Tsuruno Takeshi as Akiyama Takumi
Akiyama Yuko’s husband who works at a food manufacturer. The ideal family man who dotes on his child and helps with household chores. He regards Yuko’s complete absorption in Kenta’s entrance exams with mixed feelings.

Hagiwara Masato as Yuki Hiroki
A teacher at the kindergarten which the children of Akiyama Yuko and the others attend. He has a kind heart, is considerate and liked by everyone.

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