Hanchou ~ Jinnansho Azumihan Season 4


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Sundays, 8.00 – 8.55 p.m. from 11 April 2011


One day, a shuttle bus explodes within the jurisdiction of Jinnan Precinct. Suda Saburo, a member of the precinct’s Violent Crimes Section, was on board that bus in pursuit of a habitual pickpocket. Although there are many casualties, Suda escapes with minor injuries. However, the colleague who had been with him is dead and Suda cannot hide his shock … … Before long, a special investigation task force, led by Inspector Takano of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division, is set up in response to the case. Takano instructs the detectives, including the Azumi team, to proceed with the investigation with caution because of the possibility that it may be the work of international terrorists. Then, the team receives a phone call from a person who seems to be the criminal. The mystery man says the second explosion will be determined by the response of the police and demands 500 million yen by tomorrow. The next day, with the consent of Inspector Takano, Azumi brings a case with 500 million yen in fake notes to the appointed location – a building rooftop. Mizuno Maho, Kuroki Kazuya and Sakurai Taiichiro have taken up places around the building. Suda is standing by in the basement carpark and Murasame Akihiko is supporting Inspector Takano at the precinct. Then, the man calls Azumi on his mobile phone and orders him to scatter the money from the rooftop. As Azumi and Takano argue about the right response, Azumi receives another call. “Times up,” the man tells him and hangs up. Immediately after that, Jinnan Precinct is informed of a blast at a park. Inspector Takano and Murasame are shaken. That night, the mystery man calls yet again. This time, he demands 1 billion yen in exchange for a four day reprieve … … How will the Azumi team respond?

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Azumi Tsuyoshi
The section chief of the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section. Rank: Assistant Inspector. A dependable leader with a strong sense of justice, he is willing to oppose his superiors and resist power for the sake of his subordinates. He enjoys the trust of his subordinates and is affectionately called “Team Leader”. He was too devoted to his work and paid no attention to his family. As a result, his marriage ended in divorce. He now lives alone but is poor at household matters.

Nakamura Shunsuke as Murasame Akihiko
A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section. Azumi Tsuyoshi’s subordinate and second in command. He is too serious and a little stiff and formal but is an exceptionally outstanding detective. He has gained Azumi’s trust because he is unerring in his work. He is the only member of the team who is married.

Tsukaji Muga as Suda Saburo
A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section. He possesses natural luck and has also won the confidence of Azumi Tsuyoshi. Kind-hearted and quick to sympathise with other people, he is vulnerable to women. He does not seem like a detective because his rotund figure exudes a warm and snug sensation, but he has gotten to the bottom of many cases because of his thoughtfulness and insight.

Kurotani Tomoka as Mizuno Maho
A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section and the only female in Azumi Tsuyoshi’s team. She and Suda Saburo are from the same batch. She came to the team after transferring from the Forensics Department to the Criminal Affairs Department. She is strong willed and there are also moments during investigations when she flares up and loses her cool. She holds her own against the other male detectives and energetically tackles investigations with Azumi. However, when she is away from work, she feels a touch of anxiety as a single female.

Kashu Toshiki as Kuroki Kazuya
A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section who is partnered with Suda Saburo in investigations. Although a hot-blooded sportsman type, he is well acquainted with IT related matters, and proceeds with investigations based on a variety of data. On the other hand,
he is a kind-hearted person who takes an interest in cases involving children.

Yamaguchi Shogo as Sakurai Taiichiro
A detective with the Criminal Affairs Division’s Violent Crimes Section. Because he is youngest member on Azumi Tsuyoshi’s team, he obeys the instructions of Azumi and Murasame Akihiko and honestly carries it out, but because of his lack of experience, there are times when it is a stretch for him. He admires Murasame as a detective.

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2 Responses to Hanchou ~ Jinnansho Azumihan Season 4

  1. Flitch says:

    can u tell me where i can find the subs for this dorama?

  2. sammy says:

    really ! i m also trying to find out from where can i subs this show …..i love this show n also i favorite hero is also there *SHOGO YAMAGUCHI *i wanty plz
    help us

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