Marks no Yama – Episode 5 Synopsis (final)

Episode 5: The confession


Goda and the detectives of the Seventh Division search Machiko’s home and discover a blood-stained ice piton which is thought to be the murder weapon in the series of incidents. It is evidence that Mizusawa is the criminal called ‘Marks’, and before long, he is put on the wanted list by the police.

At that moment, Asami receives a phone call from ‘Marks’ who tells her to buy the secret of ‘Marks’.

Meanwhile, the bribery case that Kano and the Special Investigation Division have been trying to build against Saeki, is believed to be almost conclusive. Rinbara is pressed to make a hardhearted decision regarding Saeki, who is exhausted by the threat from ‘Marks’ and the prosecutors’ investigation. He presses Saeki to “end the matter” and leave the rest to him and Kihara … Has the time come for the secret that ‘Marks’ holds to be revealed?

The next morning, just as Kano and the Special Investigation Division enter Saeki Chuo Construction to conduct a raid, Saeki jumps off the building! He would have provided clues to the heart of the cases, but is yet another person to die.

In the midst of this, Asami takes it upon herself to try to make contact with ‘Marks’. However, he notices detectives tailing her, and drops a letter in his attempt to run away. To Asami’s chagrin, the detectives take possession of the letter.

Goda and the rest are in shock after reading its contents. It is an explosive confession by the late Asano, who discloses an incident on Kitadake which has been hushed up by the Gyosei University network and legal circles!

On the other hand, Rinbara Miyuki is shaken by Saeki’s death and her own husband’s increasingly bizarre behaviour. She flees the hotel where they had sought refuge but finds herself detained by detectives from the Seventh Division who have been keeping the Rinbaras under surveillance.

Miyuki tells Goda and the team that one month ago, she had received a phone call at home from a man named ‘Marks’ while Rinbara was away. It was about Nomura Hisashi … …

Azuma convinces Miyuki to file a charge against ‘Marks’ for making a threat. This provides the opening that the Seventh Division needs to question Rinbara, and their superiors reluctantly agree on condition that it is restricted to the present charge. Azuma and Goda visit Rinbara at the hotel. However, he is at turns cold, calm and mocking when confronted with the contents of Asano’s letter and Goda’s assertion that he had abetted Mizusawa’s murder in order to conceal its existence. Without concrete evidence to nail Rinbara, Azuma and Goda can make no headway. Their only option is to locate Mizusawa who is now on the run.

Two incidents 20 years ago have set the stage for the birth of further tragedy in the present day. What end awaits the intersecting fates of the pursuer and the pursued … …?

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