NHK Drama Specials 2011 (First Quarter)

Koi Suru Kimchi
Date: From 7.30 p.m., 18 February 2010
Cast: Kanjiya Shihori, Yoon Hak, Kitami Toshiyuki, Kojima Fujiko, Yana Nobuo, Kuromiya Mari
Synopsis: Banno Minori (Kanjiya Shihori) is a 24-year-old who works at the Tourism Department of Kakamigahara City in southern Gifu prefecture. Born and raised in Kakamigahara, Minori aimlessly passes each day while frustrated at the drudgery of her life. One day, Lee Won-jong (Yoon Hak), a staff member on an exchange from Kakamigahara City’s sister city, Chuncheon in South Korea, suddenly appears in front of Minori. Her heart flutters at the sight of this handsome man. At that moment, a Korean boom takes place in Kakamigahara City. Chuncheon had been a location for the drama ‘Winter Sonata’ and 700,000 people had flocked to the city hall for two months when they held the ‘Winter Sonata Photo Exhibition’. “Now’s the chance to promote Kakamigahara’s name nationwide!” Minori, who was asked by her boss to give feedback, hits upon the idea of revitalising the city with kimchi. The mayor jumps at that idea and orders Minori to create Kakamigahara’s original kimchi. However, Won-jong, whom she hoped would be her partner in the kimchi-making, is dismissive of the project. The kimchi workshop members that the mayor had gathered have no enthusiasm too. Will Minori be able to create Kakamigahara’s new specialty?

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 19 February 2010
Cast: Minamisawa Nao, Kanai Yuta, Oshinari Shugo, Nakamura Eriko, Taiga, Nagashima Shugo, Yamada Kenta
Synopsis: An old woman sits in a crowded city street. A group of three high school students, Tommy (Taiga), Kikuchi (Nagashima Shugo) and Kijima (Yamada Kenta) and Kimie (Nakamura Eriko), an office lady, call out to her but she does not understand them. It appears that she is the lost child of a foreigner. They try to take the old woman to the police, but when she sees the officers, she suddenly disappears. The old woman takes refuge at the shed of Saito, a homeless man in the park. Saito is at a loss. Then Miki (Minamisawa Nao), a third-year high school student; Takeo (Kanai Yuta), a university student; and Koji (Okada Ken), Miki’s younger brother happen to pass by. Hoping to figure out the old woman in some way, they begin an eventful journey to search for a person who can interpret for them … …

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  1. Euns00 says:

    I want to watch Koi Suru Kimchi will you be able to sub it or give me the raw link ?

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