WOWOW Drama Special 2011 ~ Douki


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20 February 2011, from 10.00 p.m.


Udagawa Ryota, a detective from the Fifth Section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division, has a rival. That person is his contemporary, Soga Kazuhiko, a man with no desire for career advancement, but was assigned to the Public Security Department on the strength of his abilities. Ten days ago, the body of a leader of a designated crime syndicate was found stabbed to death within the jurisdiction of Tsukishima Police Precinct. Udagawa was roped in for a raid on a gang that was in conflict with the victim. At that moment, one of the members had fled and opened fire on Udagawa, who rushed out and gave chase. He was saved in the nick of time by Soga. Why was Soga at that scene? However, three days later, Soga was suddenly given a dishonourable discharge without any reason. He disappeared and could not be contacted. A worried Udagawa searches for his whereabouts, and comes under pressure within the police organisation. Meanwhile, another dead body is discovered in an apartment. It is that of the gang member who had fired at Udagawa. The Fourth Organised Crime Division, which presides over the investigation task force, tries to settle the case as gang warfare. However, the possibility that it was the work of the same criminal emerges from the similarities in the modus operandi. Then, Soga’s name comes up as a suspect in the two murder cases … A passion which Udagawa had never had rises up in him as he entertains doubts about the ‘police organisation’ for the first time. It does not matter even if he is sacked. He will help Soga!

Matsuda Ryuhei as Udagawa Ryota
A detective from the Fifth Section of Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division. Rank: Sergeant. He and his contemporary, Soga Kazuhiko, are good friends and rivals. He has a strong sense of justice and is ambitious although he says it jokingly.

Arai Hirofumi as Soga Kazuhiko
A member of the Public Security Department’s Third Division. Rank: Sergeant. An elite officer. He, for some reason, appears at the scene of a case which Udagawa Ryota is following but goes missing after that.

Kuriyama Chiaki as Soga Michiru
Soga Kazuhiko’s younger sister. She is a postgraduate student who is counting on Udagawa Ryota to find her brother. Her home has been broken into by someone.

Takenaka Naoto as Toki Tatsuro
A detective with the Violent Crimes Section of Shitaya-Higashi Police Precinct. Rank: Sergeant. He appears to be sloppy but his investigation skills are indisputable. He gets along well with Uematsu Yoshihiko, a veteran detective from the Fifth Section of Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division.

Watanabe Tetsu as Uematsu Yoshihiko
A detective from the Fifth Section of Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division. Rank: Assistant Inspector. A veteran detective teamed up with Udagawa Ryota. He takes good care of Udagawa.

Toyohara Kosuke as Nanami Kozo
Head of the First Invesigative Crime Division’s Fifth Section. Rank: Inspector. Udagawa Ryota’s boss who reluctantly conveys the pressure exerted from the top.

Iwamatsu Ryo as Tabata Fumio
Head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Invesigative Crime Division. Rank: Senior Superintendent. He secretly supports Udagawa Ryota’s recklessness even though it gives him trouble.

Nakamura Ikuji as Takita Haruo
Head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Fourth Organised Crime Division. Rank: Senior Superintendent. He applies heavy pressure on the Udagawa Ryota and the rest of the First Investigation Division.

Yajima Kenichi as Nirasawa Shintaro
Head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Organised Crime Department. Rank: Chief Superintendent. A career official. He keeps the movements of the First Investigative Division in check.

Sano Shiro as Monzen Naoto
Head of the Security Bureau’s Security Plannng Division. Rank: Chief Superintendent. An elite of Public Security. He summons Udagawa Ryota.

Koyama Shigeru as Yasojima Shusui
An influential figure of the underworld. A fixer in political and financial circles. The details of matters such as his whereabouts are not known.


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3 Responses to WOWOW Drama Special 2011 ~ Douki

  1. arakira says:

    Ahhh I wish I was able to watch this somehow…
    In case anybody has it or links for it…even streaming…please tell me, please with a cherry on top^^

    • jadefrost says:

      A WOWOW special? We will probably have a long wait ahead of us …!

      • arakira says:

        Yes, I know…but in the end, maybe somebody’ll come across the file…
        Wish there was a possibility to download Wowow drama from their website…geesh, I wouldn’t mind paying for good quality drama.^^

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