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Magazine journalist, Kurushima Miwa, heard of “God’s Glass” from her grandfather, Kurushima Taizo, one year ago. “A bartender will be true to the customer he faces across the counter. And only the select few among them can mix the ultimate cup that will save lost, lonely souls with nowhere to go.” Miwa’s imagination was captured after those words from her grandfather. One year later, Miwa shows up at the venue of the Japan Cocktail Contest. Her objective is to meet a bartender who is a special guest. That bartender is Sasakura Ryu, who demonstrates his ability at a Paris hotel. He is a talented bartender who is the first Japanese to have won the Europe cocktail contest. This person should be able to mix the ultimate drink. Miwa has always had her eye on Ryu and her heart jumps in excitement. However, the special guest who appears at the venue on that day is a completely different bartender. Ryu has resigned from the hotel and gone missing. It appears that the special guest had been changed on very short notice. And she’d thought she could finally meet him … That night, a dejected Miwa goes to her regular restaurant, ‘Sakura Shokudo’, which serves set meals. She bumps into an unexpected person. The other party is none other than Ryu, whom she has been looking for! Miwa impulsively hugs him and asks him to make a cocktail. However, Ryu tells her, “Sorry. I’m no longer a bartender,” and leaves the place. The next day, Miwa visits the liquor shop where Ryu works part-time. She makes Ryu mix a cocktail to compensate for her broken spectacles when they had bumped into each other last night. When she thinks he has reluctantly agreed, he suddenly runs out! Before long, Ryu returns with a styrofoam box in hand. Using the ice in the box, he mixes a drink with flamboyant hand movements. But it is whisky and water, and not a cocktail. He thinks he can make a fool of a girl who does not seem to know the taste of alcohol … !? Miwa unthinkingly flares up, but the instant she drinks it, she is astonished by the taste. It is not whisky and water. It is a cocktail with that name … Having confirmed Ryu’s ability, Miwa decides to introduce him to her grandfather the next day. She calls Ryu to ‘Lapin’, the regular bar that her grandfather has gone to on that day, and gets him to mix a cocktail. However, Taizo dismisses Ryu’s cocktail as bad, in the same way that he had done for the cocktails made by the bartenders Sugiyama Kaoru and Mihashi Junji …!

Aiba Masaki as Sasakura Ryu
He won the Europe cocktail contest when he was only 26 years old. However, he is for some reason sacked by his teacher and returns to Japan. After that, he works at Bar Lapin. He is the sort who cannot ignore the distressed people he sees. He is also a hardworking person.

Kanjiya Shihori as Kurushima Miwa
A journalist of a small publishing company and the heiress of Kurushima conglomerate. In order to complete the final dream of her grandfather, who raised single handedly her, to have an “authentic bar”, she searches for a genuine bartender. Before long, she gets drawn to Sasakura Ryu.

Arakawa Yoshiyoshi as Sugiyama Kaoru
A bartender at Bar Lapin. He watched the movie ‘Cocktail’ and aspired to be a bartender. After graduating from a technical college, he trained under the late owner of Lapin. His excessive complimentary drinks for customers invites trouble, and he often fails when he tries to perform bold moves …

Mitsuishi Ken as Mihashi Junji
A bartender at Bar Lapin. The best disciple of the late owner of Lapin, and has inherited both the skills and personality of that man. While he acknowledges Sasakura Ryu’s experience and ability, Mihashi sometimes admonishes him, and at other times supports him, firmly watches over Ryu’s maturation.

Kaneko Nobuaki as Kuzuhara Ryuichi
A remarkable bartender called ‘Mr Perfect’. A pro among the pros who devotes every effort to making the perfect cocktail. Although he has affirmed the cocktail that Sasakura Ryu made, he prides himself in being unbeatable as a pro. He is Ryu’s greatest rival.

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