Akuto ~ Juuhanzai Sousahan


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Fridays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 21 January 2011

TV Asahi

The body of a young lady, who had been fatally stabbed in a back alley of Yokohama’s shopping and entertainment district, is discovered. Four detectives from the Fourth Section of Minato-cho Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division – Togashi Masayoshi, Iinuma Reiko, Shibata Yasuharu and Yamashita Manabu – quickly rush to the scene. Togashi finds something in the pocket of the dead body and nonchalantly hides it in his own suit. He presumes Reiko and the others will turn a blind eye even though they have noticed it. Detectives from the prefectural police’s First Investigative Division arrive shortly after that. The members of the Fourth Section, who have been deprived of their right to investigate by the First Investigative Division, dejectedly walk away from the scene. However, they secretly begin their own investigation. Three days later, Satonaka Keiichiro, the Fourth Section’s new chief, arrives. Satonaka himself believes he has been demoted to the precinct because he had denounced the unfair appointment of the prefectural police chief’s nephew. However, the objective of Maejima Ryuzo, the head of police administration who sent him into Minato-cho Police Precinct, is to let Satonaka keep tabs on Togashi and the Fourth Section. Maejima warns Satonaka that there is a “bad rumour” about the Fourth Section. Togashi and the others are seen as misusing their high arrest rate and frequently disobeying the orders of the prefectural police. In fact, they are even suspected of all kinds of illegal activities which include extorting confessions under duress, having cosy ties with crime syndicates and accepting bribes. Tokunaga Yasushi, the former section head who was investigating the facts, had lost his footing on the rooftop of a building while pursuing a robber and had fallen to his death … … Was Tokunaga’s death really an accident?! Satonaka regards his new subordinates with caution but the four of them are unexpectedly affable and excellent detectives, especially Togashi who is a stimulating and gallant man. They give Satonaka a thorough report on the investigation into the murder which occurred three days ago, and say that they are searching for eyewitnesses in line with the prefectural police’s position that it was a “random attack”. He feels relieved to see their serious manner. However, several days later, Satonaka discovers that their entire report was nonsense … …!

Takahashi Katsunori as Togashi Masayoshi
Senior detective, Yokohama Minato-cho Police Precinct Criminal Affairs Division Fourth Section. Rank: Sergeant. A man who will do whatever it takes to arrest villains and solve cases. He has his own brand of “justice”, but does not effusively brandish it about. He is also inscrutable and mysterious. His wife left him 12 years ago and he lives with his daughter, Nozomi, and an aunt. However, a big secret seems to lie behind his wife’s disappearance …

Koizumi Kotaro as Satonaka Keiichiro
Section chief, Yokohama Minato-cho Police Precinct Criminal Affairs Division Fourth Section. Rank: Assistant Inspector. He had a promising future as an elite officer at the prefectural police headquarters and was involved in running the organisation at the Police Affairs Department. However, he landed up at Yokohama Minato-cho Police Precinct because he accused the nephew of the prefectural police chief of unfair employment. A strait-laced person who believes that police officers are absolutely just. He is assigned to be the new chief of the Fourth Section and the wickedness of his subordinates angers him. He just got married six months ago.

Uchiyama Rina as Iinuma Reiko
Detective, Yokohama Minato-cho Police Precinct Criminal Affairs Division Fourth Section. Rank: Sergeant. The only female in the Fourth Section. In her private life, she is dating the young, good-for-nothing Nishimura Kazuya, who is financially dependent on her. She is a very capable and cool female detective, but her weakness is that she has stuck with Nishimura even though she know she is being taken advantage of.

Suzuki Kosuke as Shibata Yasuharu
Detective, Yokohama Minato-cho Police Precinct Criminal Affairs Division Fourth Section. Rank: Sergeant. He failed in his financial planning and has a hefty debt so he often seeks bribes from people connected to cases.

Hirayama Hiroyuki as Yamashita Manabu
Detective, Yokohama Minato-cho Police Precinct Criminal Affairs Division Fourth Section. Rank: Sergeant. He has lived apart from his wife since three years ago and hopes to get back together again some day. He continues to make silent phone calls to the house where his wife lives in order to listen to the voice of his son, an elementary school student.

Umezawa Tomio as Ishiguro Takao
Division chief, Yokohama Minato-cho Police Precinct Criminal Affairs Division. Rank: Inspector. A seemingly intelligent, good person. However, he tolerates the actions of the Fourth Section because he actually is a man who fears rocking the boat. He looks just like a coward, but …

Murakami Hiroaki as Maejima Ryuzo
Department chief, Kanagawa Prefectural Police Police Affairs Department. The money is on him to be the next chief of the prefectural police. Maejima was even the matchmaker for Satonaka Keiichiro and his wife, Rie. He secretly thrusts Satonaka into the mission of “cleaning up” Yokohama Minato-cho Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division.

Takizawa Saori as Morikawa Asuka
A magazine reporter who is interested and continues to pursue Yokohama Minato-cho Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division and Togashi Masayoshi. While she is vaguely aware of the wrongdoing of Togashi and the others, she also provides them with information useful to their investigation.

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