Honboshi ~ Shinri Tokuso Jikenbo


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Thursdays, 8.00 – 8.54 p.m. from 20 January 2011

TV Asahi

Journalist Kazama Takanori is attacked by a man wielding a knife. The man is restrained by passersby and the attempted attack ends in failure. However, Yumiko, the daughter of the criminal, Umino Yasuhiro, is abducted by someone and he receives a phone threat, “If Kazama isn’t killed by midnight tonight, your daughter will be killed.” Then two days later, Yumiko’s dead body is discovered at a disused factory just as the caller had warned … … Led by section leader, Sanada Hidetoshi, the members of the Kyoto Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division rush to the scene. Former crime lab officer Tomoeda Rinko and crime profiler Mikoshiba Mamoru – are there too. They are members of the Special Investigation Support Unit, which has just been established within the prefectural police under the auspices of the head of criminal investigations at the Kyoto Prefectural Police. As they debate the profile of the criminal, an unfamiliar man mutters, “It’s a challenge to understand if the person’s heart cannot be seen.” The speaker is Kirishima Kosaku who has been assigned to the Special Investigation Support Unit from the Tokyo Crime Lab. Kirishima is a former psychologist with a unique background. Learning that he even has a doctorate, Rinko and Mikoshiba are taken aback. However, Kirishima cuts into Kazama’s questioning about the incident and gets absorbed in reading a book during an investigation meeting, behaving as he pleases. Meanwhile, a new kidnapping incident occurs. The daughter of the male passerby who had stopped Umino’s attack has been kidnapped and he has received the same phone call from the criminal. “If Kazama isn’t killed by midnight tomorrow, a life will be claimed.” There are 26 hours to the time limit … Why is the real criminal targeting Kazama? Kirishima begins his psychological investigation to stop the perfect crime! 

Funakoshi Eiichiro as Kirishima Kosaku
A member of the Special Investigation Support Unit. He was transferred to the Kyoto Prefectural Police from Investigation Support Research Office – an agency which researches the application of psychology in criminal investigations – at the Tokyo National Research Institute of Police Science’s Criminal Behavioural Science Department. A former psychologist. Because he has a keen insight regarding human psychology, he reads the minds of other parties through their actions and words, and manipulates them at will. He is certainly a pro among the psychology pros. His belief is that “The heart, which the eyes cannot see, will always take shape and manifest itself. With that as the cue, all complicated shifts in mood can be explained using psychology”. A sharp-tongued cynic, he would suddenly give strange quizzes and act oddly. He also loves psychology experiments in which he can see the reactions of his subjects.

Otsuka Nene as Tomoeda Rinko
A member of the Special Investigation Support Unit who was transferred from the Kyoto Prefectural Police’s Forensics Department. She performs her work in a dignified and brisk manner and is the idol of young females who work at the prefectural police. She has been a forensics officer for more than 10 years, and progressed in her career, learning the latest analysis techniques in fields such as forensic medicine, physics, chemistry and handwriting through frequent training at the Tokyo Crime Lab and university. She seems to have a live-in boyfriend but the details are a mystery.

Kiriyama Ren as Mikoshiba Mamoru
A member of the Special Investigation Support Unit. The method the police currently favour is to use statistical trends to infer criminal profiles. When this analytical software was jointly developed by the National Research Institute of Police Science and a university, Mikoshiba had joined as a system engineer while still a graduate student. That project led him to choose the same path as Kirishima Kosaku. He was employed by the Kyoto Prefectural Police and became a member of the unit. In the team, he is in charge of criminal profiling and data collection using the computer. He has great confidence in himself.

Enoki Takaaki as Doigaki Tsuyoshi
Head of the Kyoto Prefectural Police’s Criminal Affairs Department. A non-career officer. The achievements he built up as an investigator landed him his present position. Nobody can plan investigation strategies like him. He set up the Special Investigation Support Unit and is well known as a brilliant, intellectual senior investigator.

Ishibashi Renji as Isahaya Kenzaburo
A former university professor and leading authority in psychology. He has retired and now leads a leisurely second life at a big residence in Kyoto City. To Kirishima Kosaku, Isahaya is the father of his wife, Hanako, and also his university lecturer who opened his eyes to the world of psychology. Their relationship is like that of father- and son-in law as well as that of master and disciple. In addition, Kirishima now lives in Isahaya’s house. In other words, they are also landlord and tenant. He recommended Kirishima to Doigaki Tsuyoshi.

Takashima Masahiro as Sanada Hidetoshi
The leader of the First Section which has one of the best arrest rates within the Kyoto Prefectural Police Criminal Affairs Department’s First Investigative Division. A non-career officer who worked his way up. He was put in charge of the First Section at a young age as a result of his investigation achievements as well as the trust and popularity he enjoyed. He is married with a wife, who understands the job of a detective, and two elementary school children. However, the lack of time to relax is the cause of his distress which he lets out by getting absorbed in sports during his free time. He is transferred to the Special Investigation Support Unit and becomes its leader.

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