Marks no Yama – Episode 4 Synopsis

Episode 4: The truth


The alumni of Gyosei University’s Seiso Alpine Club – lawyer Rinbara; Saeki, president of Saeki Chuo Construction; Gyosei University Chairman Kihara; Matsui, head of the Ministry of Justice’s Criminal Affairs Bureau; and Asano, director of Asano General Hospital – presumed to be connected to the murders had adopted ‘Marks’, which is the initials of their names. Now, the person who calls himself Marks holds the secret from their past, and threatens the five of them with this information.

Just as Goda finally starts to get a grasp of all the facts concerning the case, he is notified that a nurse called Takagi Machiko is in a critical condition after being shot while leaving the hospital where she worked. Her assailant surrenders to the police after the attack …

Right after that, Kihara is shot in front of Gyosei University but the gunman escapes. Witnesses report seeing a young man with close-cropped hair. Goda remembers the description of the young man who had visited Asano and realises his resemblance to Machiko’s boyfriend, Hiroyuki … … Could it be that they are one and the same?!

On the other hand, Mizusawa, who happened to be present during the assault on Machiko, drops from sight.

Asami continues to gather information on the mysterious series of murders, following the tip from Suzaki, who had been her late father’s colleague. Before long, she discovers that Rinbara and the rest were acquainted with Nomura Hisashi, a fellow member of Seiso Alpine Club, and that Nomura’s skeleton had been found on Kitadake the other day.

At that same moment, Kano has also detected the injustice within the Public Prosecutor’s Office. He alludes to Kosugi’s support of the Gyosei University network and starts to put pressure on him.

While Goda and the rest of the Seventh Section have come close to the heart of the case, their investigation makes no headway. Then, he gets information from Sano of the Yamanashi Prefectural Police. The name of boy who had survived the double suicide on Kitadake 20 years ago is Mizusawa Hiroyuki … … According the statement Iwata had given at that time, Mizusawa’s mother was pushed off a cliff. Is this the basis of Mizusawa’s blackmail?

Iwata is located when news of his arrest for an act of violence is received. Goda and Sano question him and learn that he had witnessed a group of men push Mizusawa’s mother off a cliff in the mountains 20 years ago. Iwata only remembers the face of one of the men who had been at the scene. He recognised that man when he came to the prison to give the inmates a checkup two or three years before. It is none other than the doctor, Asano! As Iwata mentions that he had told Mizusawa about the murder, it dawns on Goda that the two men had encountered each other somewhere.

Meanwhile, Asami, who struggles against the higher-ups at her publishing house to arrive at the truth, is contacted by a surprising person …

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2 Responses to Marks no Yama – Episode 4 Synopsis

  1. sowon says:

    I’m so looking forward the 3rd episode but no one uploaded it yet. Thank you for the trailer summary Jade.

    • jadefrost says:

      It unfortunately appears that even though the file for Ep3 is out, it is not making its rounds to many websites where it can be easily accessed. So I guess the wait will be longer. Maybe we’ll have Ep1 subbed by then.

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