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The famous painting ‘Chickens among Pine Trees’ by Ito Jakuchu, an Edo period painter who was active in Kyoto in the 18th century, is discovered for the first time in 100 years. The Mukai Museum, which has planned an exhibition of his works, is sent a letter that warns of a robbery. On the day of a private preview, a note with the words “A fake is being hung” is received as Detective Shiraishi Ako and police from the Kyoto Prefectural Police’s San-jo Precinct tighten security. The sender of the note is Urasawa Yu. She is a part-time university lecturer and has come on behalf of Professor Sudo Yasutaro who assists the police in cases involving objects of art. Because Yu is the only daughter of the venerable Urasawa Antiques, she has been close to artworks since a young age and her expert opinion rivals that of her mother, Yoko, the owner of Urasawa Antiques. A fake work is a very delicate matter, but at Yu’s suggestion, the director of the museum instructs the curator to suspend the exhibition. At that moment, the dead body of a man is discovered in an apartment. It is determined that he is the same person as the man who was caught on Mukai Museum’s security cameras. However, the painting of the ‘Chickens among Pine Trees’ is not found in the man’s home …

Zaizen Naomi as Urasawa Yu
A part-time university lecturer at Kyoto Kawaramachi University who helps Professor Sudo Yasutaro with research. She is single, has a conservative fashion sense and is awkward in interpersonal relationships. However, just as her name suggests, she is such a good judge of works of art that she is in a league of her own – able to tell the real from the fake when the issue of authenticity arises. Yu does not believe in compromise with regards to artworks. She had been a curator in France, but resigned from her job after she became embroiled in the case of a fake work and has just returned to Japan. She ends up helping to solve cases connected to objects of art after becoming acquainted with Shiraishi Ako of the Kyoto Prefectural Police’s San-jo Precinct.

Minamino Yoko as Shiraishi Ako
Assistant Inspector of the Investigative Division at the Kyoto Prefectural Police’s San-jo Precinct. She is the key person who gets Yu involved in the case. For better or worse, Ako is the type who acts first and thinks later. That is possibly the reason why she is a divorcee and now a single. However, she appears to feel that it was a “good experience” and has no regrets. She is a competent detective who has cracked one difficult case after another. She is assigned to a case concerning an artwork and meets Urasawa Yu.

Sano Shiro as Mano Takuma
The head of the Investigative Division at the Kyoto Prefectural Police’s San-jo Precinct. He takes command of the case which occurred in his jurisdiction. He understands the personalities of his investigators including Shiraishi Ako and is good at putting the right person in the right place. He loves art and has his own take on it. A frequent customer of Urasawa Antiques.

Terada Minori as Sudo Yasutaro
A professor at Kyoto Kawaramachi University who specialises in modern Japanese art. He has become an authority in the Japanese art world but hopes that his activities will be unrestricted. Through Urasawa Yu’s father, he and Urasawa Yoko have been acquaintances since their youth. He talks with the mindset of a broad-minded Tokyoite in the rough language of working class men, but is surprisingly sensitive and cares about Yu.

Fujimura Shiho as Urasawa Yuko
Urasawa Yu’s mother. The second generation owner of Urasawa Antiques. While she says “It’s better if customers decide on the prices of artworks,” at times, she shrewdly earns money from the new rich who do not know the prices and is a remarkable antiques dealer. She raised Yu by herself when Yu’s father passed away when Yu was a child.

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3 Responses to Fake ~ Kyoto Bijutsu Jiken Emaki

  1. Coder says:

    The show seems interesting, will you be providing subs for this series?

  2. Coder says:

    I meant english subs..

    • jadefrost says:

      No, we won’t be. We don’t have the time to commit to multiple subbing projects in addition to running the blog.

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