Marks no Yama – Episode 2 Synopsis

Episode 2: The link


Two bizarre murders of Hatakeyama Hiroshi, a former gang member, and Matsui Koji, the head of the Ministry of Justice’s Criminal Affairs Bureau, have occurred in the Tokyo metropolis. Goda believes the killings are the work of the same criminal because of the similar modus operandi. However, his investigation is stopped as a result of sudden pressure from the top.

The Seventh Section holds a stake out at the funeral service for Matsui in order to pursue the Hatakeyama case. Their rival, the Tenth Section led by Assistant Inspector Suzaki Yasukuni, is also there. They are in charge of Matsui’s case. It appears that both teams have not been able to make headway in their investigations …

At that moment, Asami, who has started to draw the connection between Matsui, Rinbara and Saeki, receives a strange phone call from someone who identifies himself as ‘Marks’. The caller asks if she will write an article and tips her off that the two murders were committed by the same criminal.

Meanwhile, Kano’s advice to provide information on Matsui’s case is rejected by his superior, Kosugi Tomohisa. However, he privately tells Goda what had happened at Matsui’s funeral service and gives him the programme booklet. Goda might be able to find leads from the people invited, but is cautioned against probing the influential alumni of Gyosei University’s Faculty of Law, which Matsui came from.

With the booklet as their clue, Goda and Mori discover that Matsui and Rinbara had attended Gyosei University in the same year, and both men had also belonged to the university’s mountain climbing club, Seiso Alpine Club … …! Goda conveys this information to Suzaki of the Tenth Section and asks for his help to investigate.

In the midst of this, a story on the two murders is featured in Shukan Choryu. Suspecting a leak from within the ranks of the police, Hayashi orders Mori’s expulsion from the investigation task force. However, Goda notices an odd phrase in the article. Its description of the murder weapon is different from the contents written in the post-mortem certificate!

Takizawa exults at Asami’s scoop for Shukan Choryu. At that same moment, Goda and his colleague, Assistant Inspector Azuma Tetsuro, show up at the magazine’s office. They try to ask Asami for her source, but she cites confidentiality and refuses to answer. Then, Goda informs her and Takizawa that the article contains information on the murder weapon which only the murderer would know. “A steel object resembling a drill-edged tool …” There is a possibility that Asami’s source is the murderer. Confronted with this shocking news, Asami is forced by Takizawa to disclose everything she knows. She says her source had read the scoop she had written about Saeki’s close ties with the organised crime syndicate, Serizawa-kai … … and he had called himself ‘Marks’!

At the Yamanashi Prefectural Police, Inspector Sano Kunio, who has been pursuing the case of a skeleton found at the foot of the Southern Alps, receives a report identifying the owner of a wristwatch which was a personal effect that had been left at the scene. The owner is Iwata Kohei, whom Sano had questioned as the witness of a double suicide attempt by a mother and child at Kitadake 20 years ago … … But, he learns something odd from the facial reconstruction of the skeleton. The body is not Iwata’s?

One night, an idea suddenly takes hold of Goda as he chats with Kano. Hurriedly digging through his mountain climbing gear, he pulls out an ice piton … which matches the description of the murder weapon in the Shukan Choryu article.

However, just as a laboratory experiment confirms the ice piton to be the murder weapon, Goda receives a call from Azuma, who informs him that Suzaki has been stabbed!

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