Marks no Yama – Episode 1 Synopsis

Episode 1: The cases


A skeleton is found in the woods of Kitadake in Yamanashi prefecture. There are few personal effects and the identity of the body is not known.

Sometime later, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police is notified of a burglary at the household of Asano Tsuyoshi, the director of Asano General Hospital. Although Asano had an item stolen from his study and is clearly shaken by the incident, he covers it up and insists it was a case of mistaken identity rather than a burglary. However, his wife discovers his dead body hanging in the study not long after the episode.

At that same moment, Hatakeyama Hiroshi, a former gang member of Serizawa-kai’s Fujita-gumi, is found murdered in a quiet housing estate in the metropolis. Assistant Inspector Goda Yuichiro of the First Investigative Division’s Seventh Section is put in charge of the case. He tracks down Hatakeyama’s movements while alive, but cannot get hold of any clues besides the fact that Hatakeyama had kept 50,000 yen in cash hidden in the apartment of his live-in girlfriend, Nishino Fumiko. In the midst of this, the team gets a breakthrough. It is learnt that a middle-aged man who owns a crocodile skin wallet had taken a taxi to Fumiko’s apartment on a night two days before the murder.

Among the people who emerge in the investigation is the lawyer Rinbara Yuzo, who had been in charge of the trial of Hatakeyama’s previous offense … However, Rinbara says he had gone on a business trip to Iwate on the day Hatakeyama was killed.

Then, the murder of Matsui Koji, a bureaucrat from the Ministry of Justice, takes place. Oddly enough, Matsui’s body is transferred to the medical examiner’s office before the detectives arrive at the scene. Goda seeks the opinion of a trusted medical examiner who confirms that the wound Matsui sustained is remarkably similar to the Hatakeyama case. Both victims have a hole of about 1 cm in diameter on the head and it looks like the cases are developing into serial killings.

But Goda receives an incomprehensible order from his boss, Hayashi Shozo, who conveys the orders of the top brass “not to conduct a joint investigation”. At the same time, prosecutors from the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office, including Kano Yusuke, who had been in the same year at university and is also the older brother of Goda’s ex-wife, Kiyoko, turn up at the headquarters of the investigation task force. Goda attempts to get information from Kano. However, he is rejected and told to “obey orders from above”. The investigation becomes extremely difficult … …

Nemoto Asami, a journalist with Shukan Choryu, has been collecting information regarding the bribery charges of Saeki Shoichi, the president of Saeki Chuo Construction. But her article’s speculation about Saeki Chuo Construction’s ties with the yakuza draws a complaint from the construction company when published, and she is ordered to pursue the Hatakeyama murder case by her editor-in-chief, Takizawa Kanji.

Meanwhile, a mysterious youth called Mizusawa Hiroyuki, who sometimes has nightmares of “dark mountains”, is released from a medical facility and goes to stay with his lover, Takagi Machiko, a nurse.

Giving himself the name ‘Marks’, Mizusawa makes a phone call to Rinbara. As a horrified Rinbara stares at the package sent by ‘Marks’, Mizusawa demands 10 billion yen, with the threat “If you’ve one less person, it will just increase the burden on your surviving buddies …. …!”

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9 Responses to Marks no Yama – Episode 1 Synopsis

  1. arakira says:

    Can’t wait for the first ep airing tomorrow!!
    Where did you watch the trailer? On the official site I still can’t access the vids =(

    • jadefrost says:

      I haven’t managed to see any of the promotional videos or trailers. No one seems to have shared it. The trailer is based on the content from the official website and other news sources.

      I hope the raws will be available soon! The wait is finally over!

      • arakira says:

        I see. I’m also excited about the first ep. And about Nagareboshi tomorrow 😉

        Btw, do you know a way to get at Japanese subs or a script?
        Apparently for WOWOW qop123’s method doesn’t work and there won’t be any on d-a…

      • jadefrost says:

        Right now, I’m only thinking of when Ep1 will be available. Not a few weeks later, I hope! As it is, WOWOW productions are hard to find. I don’t suppose Japanese subs will be available, but I’ll let you know if it pops up somewhere.

  2. sowon says:

    I’ve seen the 3 first episodes and marks no yama is definitely the best drama of this season. I was very afraid at first when I didn’t see the raws showing up. But now I really hope that all episodes will be available. Thank you for your hardwork on jdramas jade.

    • jadefrost says:

      I certainly can’t wait for Ep3! The first two episodes have been very gripping and intense and end with such climax that makes the uncertainty of the wait for each episode more agonising than the last. I’m addicted =) It’s an engaging suspense drama that I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to so soon.

  3. sowon says:

    Absolutely, I’m going crazy and I’m also waiting for the 3rd episode ( I’ve written the 3 first instead of the 2 first ). D-addict is now my home page, checking every second if arakira upload the new episode. It has been a while since I was such addicted to a suspence Jdrama. My last Jdrama was Joker Yurusarezaru Sousakan but it wasn’t as gripping as Marks and much more realistic ( Marks no Yama is so seriously done ).

    • jadefrost says:

      I haven’t watched Fuji TV in a long time after discovering WOWOW. Their suspense dramas are too hard to watch without squirming at the plot holes and characterisations. They seem to have lost their touch. I’m in love with WOWOW dramas (not every one of them but definitely most) which seem to bring story telling and acting to new levels.

      Arakira will have it up soon I’m sure. The third episode was just starting to get circulated around yesterday!

  4. sowon says:

    not more, less realistic* anyway, can’t wait for my new drug.

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