Kenji Onijima Heihachiro


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Fridays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 22 October 2010

TV Asahi

44-year-old Onijima Heihachiro is a new prosecutor at Ichi District Public Prosecutors’ Office. Onijima, who has drifted from one profession to another, is raising his late sister’s two children at home, and is also an unusual presence at the public prosecutors’ office. Although he is surrounded by the elite prosecutor Morimoto Maki; branch crown prosecutor Fujinami Tatsuhiko; the young prosecutor’s assistant officer, Koshinaka Jiro and prosecutor Hijikata Sayuri, as well as the prosecutor Kido Tsutomu who is close to mandatory retirement, does things at his own pace. Onijima is present at an inquiry into a small embezzlement case that Maki is handling. Misawa Teruo, the head of Himura Construction’s accounting section is alleged to have misappropriated 5 million yen from the company and readily admits his guilt. Just as Maki is about to charge Misawa, Onijima decides to defer the disciplinary action based on his own judgment. “That person is definitely not telling a lie.” Onijima, who is oblivious to the grain of “conventional wisdom of the judiciary” that a prosecutor’s job is to indict people and tries to find out the truth, looks askance at a dumbfounded Maki and attempts to re-examine the case, but … … His unintentional actions have started an unexpected major event!

Hamada Masatoshi as Onijima Heihachiro
A new prosecutor at Ichi District Public Prosecutors’ Office. He drifted from one profession to another and passed the bar exam at the age of 41. Onijima has the sensibilities of the common people back with rich social exposure, but as a result of the gap between this and the conventional wisdom of the judiciary, he gets into disputes with fellow prosecutors. A small incident which he handles at the Ichi District Public Prosecutors’ Office sparks the appearance of bigger enemies in quick succession.

Uchida Yuki as Morimoto Maki
A prosecutor at Ichi District Public Prosecutors’ Office. A high-calibre female prosecutor who possesses both brains and beauty. Rumoured to be a future candidate for the top posts, she topped the bar exam and is respected by those around her. She has an aloof air and does not have a great opinion of Onijima Heihachiro’s unconventional approach, but he takes no notice of her.

Hamada Gaku as Koshinaka Jiro
Onijima Heihachiro’s young assistant officer. Pragmatic and well-balanced, he admires prosecutors but chose the path of an assistant where he can take the exam without overexerting himself. He likes Hijikata Sayuri, who took up her position at the same time as he did, and is aware that Morimoto Maki is hard to deal with. He plays the senior to Onijima who is new.

Nishiyama Maki as Hijikata Sayuri
A prosecutor at Ichi District Public Prosecutors’ Office. She put love and play on the back burner to become a public prosecutor, and aspires to join the special investigative team one day. She hates crooked things and genuinely believes in the “justice of the judiciary”. She is conscious of Morimoto Maki and eager not to lose out.

Matsushige Yutaka as Fujinami Tatsuhiko
Ichi District Public Prosecutors’ Office’s branch crown prosecutor. Because he likes to play it safe, the actions of the new prosecutor, Onijima Heihachiro, who cannot read situations, gives him a hard time. On the other hand, he is no match for Shikishima Yasuhiro from the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors’ Office and his capable subordinate, Morimoto Maki.

Nishimura Masahiko as Muto Shinji
A policeman at a police post near Ichi District Public Prosecutors’ Office. He met Onijima Heihachiro through some incident. He gets pushed around by Onijima, but senses the convictions behind Onijima’s actions and starts to help him. He is Onijima’s trusted confidant.



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